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Ohs & Ahs Lifestyle

I was working in an upscale neighborhood today and all the yards were abuzz with gardeners maintaining already lush lawns, cleaning people were in the houses cleaning and the women were walking their dogs, jogging, strolling…doing everything under the sun but working.  I saw Audi’s, Jaguars, for spoiled women.

What kind of work do these men do to afford such houses?





I am thankful for my job and skills to have a decent job and I actually love what I do but if I had the option of being a housewife vs a working woman I take house wife with all the services (housekeepers, gardeners etc) any day, any time. Especially since I don’t have kids at home any more….I can enjoy it in a different way now.  When my kids were little I stayed home and I drove a Volvo and I did what I wanted when I wanted.  I spent my time mostly participating in religious activities, spending time with the kids, crafting, and sewing kids clothes that I sold at flea markets twice a year, and stuff like that. I didn’t really work until I was almost 30 and then I went in the military because I didn’t have any job skills that I could prove with experience.   Yeah…I was kind of spoiled and I loved it. Every once in a while I got bored and wanted to work and I would go help my husband at his business (Advertising)  but that never lasted long. It was so nice to say I was tired of working and quit…just like that.  Then he gave me a part of his shop so I could run my sewing business but I got tired of people being cheap.,..LOL…picture that. I closed shop.

Now however, if I wanted to quit my job I would have to think long and hard about that crap.  I mean how would the mortgage get paid?  How would I eat?  How would I shop in Goodwill, Grannies Panties and Rescued Treasures? I don’t really have a lot of bills thank goodness and that really works for me.  Right now I am spending more money than I probably ever spent in my whole life… and that will come to an end soon but that freaking electricity bill and cable bill and cell phone bill and mortgage note come in every month.  Every time I send in a payment it seems like a couple of days later another bill comes in.  WHAT THE HELL? LOL   and how come there are never specials like pay your light bill on time for 12 months and get the next month free.  How come that never happens huh?

I saw a Florida license plate driving through this neighborhood today…I bet some of these people  are secretly running drugs.

LOL…just kidding.

Sounds like I am being a hater with that one when I am actually an admirer

2 thoughts on “Ohs & Ahs Lifestyle

    • LOL Actually I have considered renting a mother in laws quarters on one of these properties. They are the same size as my house and would cost me less (no maintenance), I would get to live in a golf course community and I would be quiet as a mouse. In and out. I really really have thought about this and the only thing that stopped me is the thought that if somone rented out their MIL quarters they are probably living beyond their means and the house could get foreclosed on and then I would be out. I am seeing a lot of these houses getting foreclosed on lately…


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