I am so mad

I am so mad because for the last two days I been painting and painting the top of the daggone china cabinet and it is like the wood is soaking up the paint or something.  I am not sure what is going on.  I decided to take the doors off and spray paint them to see if that goes any better.  O…M…G… they came out perfectly, took me all of a couple of hours to get on all the coats and they look beautiful.  I should have spray painted the whole thing.

And if any of my readers out there knew I could have saved all this time by just spraying it from the get go  and did not tell me I am mad at you.

One more coat on the body I HOPE

4 thoughts on “I am so mad

  1. Well some times spray works and some times it does not. I had success on a coupleof old wood captains chairs and NO luck with the two trunks I tried to spray. So glad it is finally starting to work for you. I personally think the spray paint gives a nice finish. It is also hard to paint over if you are going to do your fancy painting link you did on the bottom.

    I still have three small captains chairs I want to paint and I am dreading it. I also have a small table. Soooooooooo I might just try the spray on them and the table.


    • Spray paint looks and feels so good but I never thought about not being able to paint on top of them. hmmmm.. I put 3 coats on the inside of the body and it still looks like crap so I just put a coat of primer on the outside and the trim where it is going to be painted a different color and I will see if the primer makes a difference. I usually live by using primer first on EVERYTHING but at first having primer in the paint made me lazy then I decided I better go back to the right way and I purchased primer in a 2 gallon size but now I don’t want to use it because the bucket is too big and I will make a mess putting it in a smaller paint cup. BTW contractors primer is on sale at Lowes for $6.99 for the two-gallon size. It says it is drywall primer but it works just as well as the others…if not better in my opinion..I had them put a lot of black and a little red and blue in it so now it is a light gray.

      In the meantime… I have so many different ideas on how I want to paint this piece and each idea is drastically different from each other so I guess it is a good thing it is taking so long before I get to the creative stage. I was thinking about doing a different two dimensional technique with it but I am not sure. It will be a lot of work and if it does not come out right I will have to start all over. I am still thinking on it…


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