8 thoughts on “Forclosure

  1. It is a pretty house. I would not take it if given to me. Just way too large. Add to taxes and insurance would be heating and cooling. General upkeep. Not to mention cleaning supplies. LOL


    • Uhhh have you ever heard of Flip this house? You could sell it for half price and make a pretty penny!! I would take it if GIVEN to me heck yeah…are you crazy? LOL


    • That is a practically new house and I can’t check the condition because it wasn’t listed on the MLS. So many sales in this area for far less than the house was purchased for. Like $100k or more but this one took the cake. I might get to live in a golf course community after its all said and done…not that I play golf or anything,,,in fact all I do is tear up turf but I do like going to the driving range. Pretty interesting people golf.


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