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I always find it interesting to see how people got to my site. There is a stats tool that comes with wordpress.com and on .org you have to down load a plugin called Jetpack to get it.

I see the traffic with all spiders traffic blocked from my stats.  I think I get a healthy amount of traffic but I wish I knew why more people don’t comment.   I am thankful for Chris and Victoria’s constant comments though even though if I blog something and neither of them respond I feel like I bombed for the day.

I get the most hits on Morocco because I had started out with the intention of decorating Moroccan style but that junk is not easy.  They have intricate crafts that are hard to duplicate and people are constantly searching the web looking for techniques just like I am.  I had to kind of switch over to Indian crafts as there are more sources available and I love browsing Yahoo India.  So my new house theme, if you haven’t already noticed, is Indian with a splash of Moroccan.  Or Turkish, haven’t made up my mind.  Its all beautiful!!!

Here are some Moroccan treasures that made me fall in love with their style:

The Moroccan Lanterns…I love the ambiance they cast on a room.  I have some tabletop candle holders but I recently acquired some lanterns on eBay for a reasonable price.  Not real fancy like this though

I would love to have an authentic pair of Moroccan Leather Slippers aka Babouche laying next to my bed

AND OMG YOU KNOW I AM DYING FOR A MOROCCAN BLANKET.  I have been shopping around for materials to make my own and instructions for that is coming soon as I get the house organized some.  I found a perfect piece of material, for the trim I had no choice but to go with maribou boas.  I acquired a crap load of silver sequins from a guy who claimed they were metal. ..yeah he ripped me off…and did not even respond to my complaints.  I am still searching high and low for real metal sequins…but for now I decided to substitute the sequins for pearls and I think it is going to work really well.  In my mind this blanket is going to be the bomb but we will see when I make it.  Its not going to be the same without at least a couple of metal sequins to click clack when it is moved though.  That is part of the charm.  When I put instructions to make this my stats will go through the roof no doubt, as this generates the most hits now.  BTW it is really expensive to make as well.

The bedroom ceiling will be tented.  If I can ever get that far.  I have the septic tank liner fabric to do it super duper cheap but in my mind I am thinking of taking the one I have back and exchanging it for wider cloth, which will have to be special ordered.  Still super duper cheap though.  I think it will come out better using wider fabric. Also I am wrestling with the idea of using a color (dying the fabric) vs using white.  Not sure why since my bedroom is so small.  White should be the only thought in my mind…but its not 😦

Other crafts are the pottery …I can do pottery very well BUT I don’t have my own kiln and there is no pottery shop close by that can fire my stuff for me.  That has saddened me since I been here.

tiles,,,uhhh I don’t have the patience nor the talent for this and I can’t afford to buy them.

Rugs.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Beni Ouran rugs but my pocketbook can’t handle them either.  I thought about modifying a rug to make it look like them (found instructions for that on the net) but in this case nothing like the real thing… I wound up ordering a Flokati rug for my bedroom but Ouran was what I REALLY REALLY wanted

Poufs…i can probably handle one or more these… but my version will be my tuffet ottoman

other crafts:

I will try to duplicate the Moroccan feel as much as I can and share as many craft instructions as I can figure out how to do.

Thanks for sharing my journey.

14 thoughts on “Search Terms

  1. I am swooning over your decor ideas. So pretty. AND Thank you for reminding me of the septic tank fabric. I totally forgot about it. Do you think it might work for front porch curtains?? Sheer kind? Would love to do white. We do not have a Lowes close enough to go to but we do have Home Depot. I hope to look there for it tomorrow.

    If I some times I miss one of your blog posts it is because I am working. Eyes too tired to read anything more or just too tired to respond. I look forward to your posts and start worrying when the day gets late and nothing from you. This is a crazy time for me at the city. And they just added more to my work load tonight. BIG SIGH. I am exhausted. I am taking the rest of this week off though. Except for publishing for on hearing. I can knock that out in an hour or so. But it can wait until later in the week.Or maybe Monday. I need a break.

    I am slightly blog challenged in finding my way around or back to the posts I commented on. I get lost and do not remember where I was. So I try to keep the emails letting me know you posted. I need a better way to handle this.




    • Thanks! The fabric is totally different in Lowe’s and costs more so HD is the way to go. Not sure if it will work for outdoor curtains. I do know it is okay for it to get wet. It reminds me of interfacing in feel and in looks of a sheer curtain. If you do use them for curtains make sure you let me know how that works. WOW how much was the roll of 150 yards? Something like $5 right? That would be a major score. We would have to get that info out. I do know you can also use it for interfacing, which I totally plan on doing when I run out of real interfacing…if ever LOL. That fabric also comes in widths up to 150″ but you have to order it.
      If you have your subscriptions sent to Google, you can read them in your Google reader just go to google.com on the google menu click other and then click on reader and there are all the threads you subscribe to’s latest postings. I love it.

      Good for you on taking a break. I need one as well. One where I actually go somewhere. I went on a road trip a few years ago for a week. Went as far as Laredo Tx. It was fun. Next I want to go ziplining somewhere cheap and exotic. I finally renewed my passport but now I don’t have the money 😦


  2. I’m working on a post about stats, so this was interesting to me. You have a ton of search terms… I don’t usually have more than twenty.

    You’re also an extremely prolific blogger. I’m not surprised you get so many searches, you’re covering a lot of topics. And you post an amazing amount of stuff. Sometimes, so much I cannot understand where you find the time. It takes me a week to write a post. Am I THAT slow? Lol…

    I do try to comment on all your posts. If I don’t comment, it has nothing to do with you! If you do two posts on a day I am crazy busy and don’t even check my email, and then by the next day you’ve done another three or something! Lol… It would take me an hour to write five comments. I’m not kidding you… I guess I AM that slow. Geez.


    • Most of my search terms boil down to draped ceilings and Moroccan decor. They are both hard to find on the net which is th eonly reason I have so many hits. people are thirsty for Moroccan!


  3. And now I am trying to find the septic tan fabric at home depot and nothing comes up in search. Is there a name to it other then septic tank fabric? Tried Drain field fabric. Thanks!!


  4. Ah thank you!! Since I did not find it on the site we skipped home depot today. Next week is soon enough. Joe said he is afraid the weather would just tear it up. I have had shade cloth up out there on the porch for two years or so now. It is still in good shape and had been through the washer several times.

    We shopped until we dropped. I even looked for metal sequins for you. No findie.:^(

    I did find some pretty teal glass globs. A color in them I have not seen before. Gearing up for Eve in the dinning room. LOL The sun is shining in on my back splash and it is most of your moroccan colors gleaming. Yo need to spread some glass about your pretty rooms when you get closer to being done.


    • I knowwwwww. I have some ideas that involve glass, color…poor mans stain glass. I found the metal sequins in India. Finally! I might buy a zillion and sell them in my etsy shop since they are so hardto find. I have to buy them in bulk. Thanks for looking. If u find them take a pphoto and let me know wherre they are. Xcuse spelling…on phone and its. 2am. Winding down for thenight


    • Very pretty. Looked throuh your new photos and the elephant is great! Love it. I changed where my shelves are going and now my elephant is hidden. have to do another 😦


  5. I absolutely love your blog! However, I am reading it in chronological (sp), old to new. I want to comment so many times but then hesitate because you’ve already moved on from that subject, like a year or so ago. LOL I love your style, especially the bohemian type stuff. I followed you on Pinterest yesterday, so you can find my boards too. 🙂


  6. I delightfully read several of your postings and I am in love with your house and your tastes. I would recommend supplementing your decorating with items from theanou a local marketplace in Morocco. it is in infancy stage and great deals can be had. I have no affiliation I just thought I would pass that on to you. I think what you have done so far is great and in the spirit of Morocco. I do not want your site to flag me as a spammer so I put the website in the details box


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