Top Shelves

If you been following my blog then you know I am working on the top of my china cabinet and both pieces will be separated and put in the same room but in different places.. They won’t necessarily match, although the plan will be that the top will match my table and the bottom will match my ottoman and when its all said and done it will all match.  🙂

If you haven’t been following my blog there very quickly here is what I started with

I would have kept it just like that BUT I have low ceilings and there is no where that it would fit in my house so I separated the pieces

I painted the bottom piece in toasted almond and painted the stems and leaves then decoupaged Audobon birds on it.   To read the  whole story and see the latest photo updates go here

Moving forward to the current project.  I washed and scrubbed the piece with TSP. I had to change the water a few times because there was years of dust built up on it but I finally got it clean.

To leave it as it was would not be my style and it looked very dated to me and I wasn’t sure why.  Maybe it was the spindles.  I removed the glass and then the doors and took the doors outside and spray painted them in black.  I wasn’t sure what color I wanted to paint it but for some reason black came to mind. I didn’t take a photo of them but they came out perfectly.  Then I left them outside to cure and I forgot them over night.  When I got up at the crack of dawn this morning I remembered and went outside to get them.  It had rained last night and to my horror this is what I found.

The people who like that distressed look would have loved this but I am not into that.  It would drive me crazy till I painted it. I was not sure if the reason this happened was because I took a chance on using 99 cents spray paint or if I did not clean it good.  You are probably thinking “duhhh its because of the rain”.  Noooooo smartypants,  it’s not.  I have shelves outside that I covered with a tarp and every time it rains the tarp flies off (no matter what I secure it with) and the wood shelves get wet.  No damage to the paint but the wood…hmmmph…that’s a different story.  I would show you photos to prove it but I put them all in my burn pile just yesterday.  Oh wait just a cotton picking minute, I do still have one out there…let me get a snapshot for you…

See?  That rules out that out and lets just go ahead and rule out me not cleaning it good either, shall we?   I can admit when I cut corners and muck up and this wasn’t the case here so in conclusion…I can not recommend this spray paint.  Cheaper is not always better.

Moving forward…I painted the inside Valspar’s Cream in my Coffee.  I looooove that color.  That is the same color I painted my cabinets in the kitchen.

I knew I was going to paint the outside in some decorative fashion so I painted the inside with the cream to give it a little calmness and stability and left the outside for last.   After 3 coats I was getting tired of painting coat after coat.  I decided to prime before I  paint the outside so that I would not have to put on so many coats  of the trim colors too.  That would be a disaster because the trim I am planning on doing is tedious. 

After I put on the primer I was thinking maybe I should paint the outside a light color also BUT I had already painted the doors black so I might as well go ahead with my plan.  I make my own life complicated don’t I?  LOL

I started with some color but realized they don’t really tie into anything in the living room.  and the one color that can  tie everything together is red. I was not sure if I wanted to put the red where the grey primer is .. or if I wanted to use Burgundy rather than red, or if red family was going to be too much but WTH…I said I was getting away from the neutrals so I might as well go for it.

SO I painted the top of the center burgundy and painted the sides of the middle section red.  I did them different because I wanted to see which color worked best. Neither one of them made my toes twinkle so I decided to take my ottoman fabric to Lowes and have them color match it and buy one of those sample size paints.  I am loving those paints by the way.   The only thing is that all the other colors I have are returns and I only paid 50-75 cents for each of them … now I have to pay full price….  2.94…DAMN!!

Highway robbery!!

In trying to make a decision on the red I decided to work on the next piece of the design, which is on the side (really the decision was whether or not I wanted to go to Lowes).   I want to do something different on the side so I decided to put an elephant on there decorated with paint and beads.  I found this royalty free graphic of an Indian elephant that I used my snipping tool to snatch off the web.  I took it to Office Depot and told him to print it as large as he can on 11×17 paper.  The graphic was in black and white so that made it super cheap.

I cut him out.  Notice that I did not cut out the individual fringes.  I plan on painting over that but using the paper edge as a guide as to how long I want my fringes.  Does that make sense?

I went to Lowes and just as I thought I was not able to go in there and just buy that one can of sample paint.  While I was waiting for him to color match I looked at the other samples and found a copper color and a purple.  I also found that Purdy 1/2″ nap roller covers were on clearance for $1 each.  They had 4 left and I got four.  LOL now that I am almost all finished painting walls they put them on clearance.  Whatever.

I got home and finished painting the front.  I am loving the way it came out but there is a little square above the copper on the sides of the middle section and I tried putting a simple little design on it.  I tried 3 or 4 that I hated and painted it back over black.  this square is only 1.25 ” x 1.25″ and I WILL paint some sort of design on it.  Its just a little box for crying out loud.  Then all I have left is the doors and the side with my elephant. I was thinking of putting a design on top but I changed my mind on that.

I used my spray adhesive to adhere the elephant on the side.

I was going to glue on the elephant and the umbrella separately but I forgot.  It was a bit flimsy and when I got it on and went to smooth it down I realized it was crooked.  I went to remove it so I could reposition it but when I started to lift it off I realized I would have made a mess so I left it as is.

Now that it was on I decided to paint over the elephant first because I wanted him gray not black

And I kept on painting then I applied purple metallic embroidery thread for the umbrella by painting on Modge Podge and sticking the threads in it..  I was going to cut the threads down but I liked them long so I left them.  I also adorned the elephant with sequins.   What do you think of the way I cheat to paint designs?  I also did this to the table, which I should be finishing pretty soon.  I had to get a butane torch to get the bubbles out of the clear coat when I apply it.  That is the next project on the agenda.

Goodnight…have to get up in a couple of hours!!




3 thoughts on “Top Shelves

  1. That looks AWESOME. I love the different accents on the spindles and the layers on the top piece of crown molding. Plus I vote for anything with sequins, so extra credit for that!!

    Also, do you always blog at 2:30 in the morning? How will you not be exhausted today??


    • Thank you!! I was writing the post as the day went on and then I put the last photos in there which is why the conclusion is so short. Not sure how I am going to make it today…I really didn’t realize the time.


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