Thrift store finds


I guess someone else had my same idea.  I went to Goodwill tonight and saw this bucket of sticks and I thought it would be so cute to put by my fireplace.

I saw this price tag on it and thought oh good what a great deal

when  I got up to the counter he rang it up as $5 I was like WOA PARTNER  that is only a dollar.  He said no its $5

I said well it must be on sale cause look at this

He said they don’t  mark items like that.  I stood my ground and since the line was long and the manager was in the back he went ahead and gave it to me for a dollar.


Another point for Goodwill!

and now I know to mark my prices in metallic marker.  I have some around here.

One thing I did see that I wanted but did not get because 1- it was $3 and 2- I have no where to put it and no one to give it to.  The total size is about 8×10



6 thoughts on “LOL@Goodwill

  1. OH Darn all those cute little metal things would be cute hanging ( tied) on tassels. $3.00 is worth the cute factor. LOL Or make a small wind chime out of them.

    The little bucket is cute and useful. Score.


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