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My Ottoman part 1

So the other night me and my boy decided we were going to work on the Ottoman…a job I haven’t been looking forward to but since I had a helper I decided what the hay….

Step one was trying to figure out where to even start. Looking at the construction of it I knew I had to get the tacks off from the bottom so I started there.  I pried off a total of 91 tacks with my flathead screwdriver.  Nothing seemed to be loose or even look like it was being taken apart.  LOL…its never like this in the videos or instructables.

So looking at it I figured maybe the next step should be to take off the bottom.  I wasn’t really sure  as this was different than anything I have tackled before.  I decided taking the bottom off would give me a clue as to how to proceed.

The material on the bottom was stapled on with a million staples.  I did not even bother to count them.

Looking at the construction it looks like the fabric was stretched onto the frame, the welt trim was laid on top with a piece of cardboard for stability and smoothness was  on top of the trim and then stapled to the frame, then lastly the lining was stapled on top of that.  I don’t think it is going to be that difficult to put it together.  I stopped here and will have to update you when I finish.  I am taking photos as I go along and will write the story later…in part 2
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6 thoughts on “My Ottoman part 1

  1. Forgot to say…….. I have to remake the pouch for my laundry cart. Bought the fabric the other day. So pretty and expensive even on sale. I plan on trying to double it so pretty pattern is on both sides. That is as far as my brain has gone on it. You are giving my courage to cut into it as your project looks so much more difficult then mine.


      • I know nothing about recovering furniture other then some one told me to use the old covering as a pattern to cut your new covering. So I am going to try that with my cart. My machines are always at the ready. I just have to set them on the sewing table. I do think I am going to have to drag out the larger cutting table for this project. I am still thinking through the process for me bag.

        I am sure you will do fine.


      • Heck I can’t even get the fabric off the frame to make a pattern. LOL. I was in here putting things away and I just saw the time. No wonder I am always dizzy…I am sleepy as heck!


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