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My Package

I want to show you  something.  I had a package delivered from India.  It was a tapestry wrapped  in plastic then Muslin.  On the Muslin he wrote out my address and then sewed the muslin so the package was secured shut.  How cool is this??

The threads were secured  with wax.  I might do this if I mail off any packages.  I was sooo loving this.  Muah!  Thank you!!

That is all…for now.  When I put the tapestry up I will show it to you.  It is sooooooo cool.

Will be updating you on my ottoman in a few.

2 thoughts on “My Package

    • LOL I know. Really it is a matter of being too lazy to go get it, un wrap it, takethe photo, wrap it back up and put it back away. Plus now I am wondering how in the world do you hang a large round tapestry?


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