Spray Paint

Okay just a quick review on spray paint. First let me tell you that before I paint any wood furniture I always wash the piece down with TSP and then sand it.  I will be reviewing three paints today.

This paint is available in Lowes for 1.00 per can.  It comes in a plain can marked Spray Paint Interior/Exterior fast dry.  I opted for the gloss finish.  After spraying a cabinet door I noticed that the coat of paint was flawless.  I did not have any uneveness and it looked really good. It dried very quickly as the can said.  I finished painting that day around 2PM and I left the doors outside overnight.  The doors got wet and the paint washed off.    Never seen this happen to dry paint before.  Not cool at all.  I won’t be buying this again.

I wanted to paint a table, tv tray and small table black.  Since I needed 3 cans I did not want to spend a lot of money so I tried the next level of paint, which cost $4 a can.  I still stuck with Valspar brand. I painted the three pieces of furniture and  I was not really impressed with this spray paint because  I could see the spray strokes of the paint when I put on the second coat.  I did not like that.  I brought the stuff in the house after it was dry and let it cure for a couple of days.  The first time I used it I had several mishaps.  I sat my laptop on the table and the paint chipped off,  left a cloudy spot under the fan and anything I put on the table dented the paint.  Wow… I never seer that before either.

I give up on the Valspar brand.

A while ago I used Blue Hawk ($4) on my cabinet knobs and the only problem I had with this paint is that I had to put on several coats before the paint stuck. I did not have any other problems with the paint such as it coming off or anything like that so in the end I guess it was okay…just a lot of work to get there.  If I have to choose between Valspar and Blue Hawk…I choose Blue Hawk.  The can looks so no frills, no thrills that it throws me off just looking at it though.  I also think the only reason I got this one is because it was on clearance so maybe it was old and that’s why I had to put on so many coats?  Or maybe too may returns?  Not sure.


Then there is Rust-oleum Universal Advanced formula Paint and Primer in One Spray Paint.  It costs $8 a can.  Whew that price was a hard pill to swallow.  I have used the regular gloss as well as the hammered finish.  This paint covers well in one coat and it looks good.  NO NEED for a second coat unless you miss a spot. I painted wood and metal with this paint and I have no complaints on the quality.  One problem I did have with this paint is that once you are finished for the day forgetabout using it a second day.  I pay all this money for this paint I want to use the can until it is not spraying anything but FUMES youknowwhatImean?  The can says to wipe off the nozzle so after the first can jammed (after only using half a can) I wiped off the nozzle of the second can and this time it did not jam  I had splatters in the paint but I did not have any problems with the paint coming off or getting cloudy. So the lesson here is either to use the whole can at one time OR I guess if you wipe off the nozzle with paint thinner it won’t partially jam.  I am not sure.

Do you have any spray paint reviews to share?

2 thoughts on “Spray Paint

  1. I was once told that you needed to hold the can upside down once you were done and continue spraying until it is just air. Not sure if that is only with a certain brand but thought it might be a good tip. I don’t use spray paint much. I love reading your blog. You amaze me at what you get done!


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