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Accent Wall

I am feeling these light walls  to make my small rooms seem larger but at the same time it is killing me not having color.  I know, I know I can’t have both right?  But I looooove color.  Then I have this piece of artwork….it is actually carved wood with mirrors on it.  I thought it was worth having a place that allows its beauty to shine.

I hung it on the wall but you can’t even see it because it blends in with the light wall color and then there is the matter of the drawers matching the walls.  I painted the base of them the same color as the walls on purpose because I also did the grand kids table like that and now I am wondering why I did that.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Side note...I also have my den futon in the living room temporarily because I feel like crap and I am tired of sitting on the floor and I refuse to get the couch before I finish all the painting to make sure I have the right style and right color couch.  Now I know what my sister was talking about when she said this was a VERY uncomfortable piece of furniture to sit or lay on.  If you buy your kids (probably a teen) a futon be careful.  This one has springs in it and it was not really cheap yet it is terrible in the comfort department!  This thing can ruin a back!  It looks nice though.  I am not sure what I am going to do about this when it is time to put it back in the den.

Back on subject: To combat the light wall color making the room appear larger vs the deep colors shrinking the room dilemma I decided to paint an accent wall.

Now the dilemma is what color do I use for this accent wall?  I have all these colors in my carpet

plus all the colors in the drawers…

and then colors in the shelves

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Pick a color, any color.  Okay…I decided to go with the green in the shelves.  There is a hint of it in the carpet and it matches the leaves on the drawers.  Actually… remember I mentioned to you a while ago that I was buying all these Valspar sample paints that were marked down from $2.98 to 50 to 75 cents? (I don’t even want to know why lowe’s would take these paints back or why anyone would bring them back but it works for me!!)

I have a lot of them now and that is how all of my furniture is getting so colorful.  I love them!  For crafting there is PLENTY of paint, the price is right AND this paint is much better than using acrylic colors.  The name of the paint I chose is Valspar’s Secluded Garden and I had already used it on the shelves.   I thought it would be a good choice to tie some of this stuff in together.  When I read the name….Secluded Garden…how perfect is that for one accent wall?  Yes the signs said go for it…so I did.

Since this is a small wall I decided to use a painting pad.  On TV on those infomercials they use these pads to speedily paint a room.  In Lowe’s  the closest thing they had was a Shur-Line Edger ($3) for molding and trim and that is what I got.  I also got the paint tray for about $3.  I am sure $7 was much cheaper than the real deal.

Normally I cut in my paint at the ceiling and floor line with brushes then I paint the wall.  Today I am going to use only this pad (if possible).  I know it is not the same  as the one in the infomercial but we will see if it works or not.  I am also going to time myself.

Bear is like…what are you doing NOW?  LOL

I put the paint in the paint tray then started the timer….I had to do a little brush work on the edges and that showed me this thing sucks as an edger but it rocks to paint walls.  I scrubbed the right side of the wall like they did in the video and on the left portion I went mostly up and down.  I dripped paint a couple of times because paint collected on the edge where the rollers are and if I turned the pad around paint dripped on the floor, the same floor that I did not have a drop cloth on 😦 but I had my micro fiber rag and it came up… most of it anyway.

TOTAL TIME TO PAINT THIS WALL… EDGES AND ALL?  23 minutes and 43 seconds.  Not bad considering that included painting, looking for a brush  and cleaning the paint off the floor.  I used less than half a 30 oz can of  paint.  I measured the wall and Lowes said I needed 40 oz to paint this wall and I said I will take my chances with the 30 oz can (Don’t you just hate it when someone asks you a question and then when you give them the answer they don’t believe you?  Like why did you ask me in the first place…yeah I do this a lot… especially in Lowe’s).  I probably could have done it with two samplers! Now the room is feeling a little smaller and closed in  though 😦  I am just going to have to embrace the fact that I have a small living room.  I can either move or deal with it.

When I go to clean the pad I realize oopsie, I had the pad on the base wrong.  I did not notice that there was a notch in the base but I did know something was wrong when I was painting.  I just couldn’t figure out what was wrong.  Shur-line should be more specific in their instructions for people who are unfamiliar with their product.  So I might have to say that I was premature in saying that this was not good for trim painting.  The wall looks fantastic so for painting it gets a thumbs up.

Now that the wall is dry I look at it real good and no sir, you can not tell I scrubbed the right side.  It is flat paint and that may have something to do with it??  There is was only one coat of paint and I really think that if I painted this wall with a roller I would have used a lot more paint.  Now on this small of a job I probably would have used a small lambs wool roller vs a regular 9″ roller because the wall is just too small to go through the drama of the larger roller but still I think a regular roller would have used more paint.

Anyway while I was in the painting mood I decided to go ahead and paint the little table as well.  It came out nice.

6 thoughts on “Accent Wall

  1. Looks great!! Table looks really cute too.

    I use the paint pads all the time. Circular motion works well I was running out of gas when I painted the last wall in our living room and will need to do a second coat when I finish painting down the hallway. I bit off more than I could chew to painting living room in one day along with moving all furniture out and back to get new flooring.

    I think the pads use less paint and less dripping. the ones I have been using are on Styrofoam base and handle and the pad it stuck to that. And they do nice edges but I still need to use a brush. I have not tried the one with rollers on the side.


  2. Wow… I totally got sucked into that infomercial. It does seem like a better way to paint. Would you use the pad on the whole room?

    The only thing that struck me as bs was the edging part. Those were some CLEAN edges. Seriously? You would have to be really careful with the pad not to get paint on the tip!

    Love the color you chose. I think just the one wall is nice. Maybe a large mirror (goodwill? Craigslist?) would open the space up for you. I have mirrors in nearly every room of my house… they’re my favorite decorating item. And you could really pimp out a mirror frame!


    • I went on Craigslist and found a large mirror that is actually pretty neat and would fit in with my scheme. It is a leaning mirror 4′ x 7′ I emailed and asked for a photo of the back and no response. Maybe tomorrow? The mirror was a great idea. I was reserving the big wall for my tapestry but I can put it on the accent wall instead and put the mirror on the big wall. Somewhere in here I have to have my love me wall (my baby picture and some of my old modeling photos)and it can’t be by the tv where eyes constantly gravitate… that is where my kids and grand kids photos go. Thanks for the idea,,,hope this works out!!


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