Stats surprise…

Of course in reading my stats report everyone is still looking to see how to make a Moroccan Wedding Blanket.  To my surprise today though over 30 people read the story on Bear and how Petsmart Groomers scratched his cornea, made like it never happened and consequently made him lose his eye.  I am also surprised because I just so happened to have called petsmart today and spoke with the manager that I been dealing with.  He still did not pay the remaining $394 vet bill and has not gotten back to me about paying the bill to have Bears stitches removed.  Soon they won’t be able to find the damn things.  He hemmed and hawed when I asked him for Corporates number.  The lawyer said he was probably recording the conversation because after I asked him for the number he put me on hold for a long while then he came back and reiterated everything he so-called did since our last conversation which was basically a bunch of bull crap because before I called him I called the vet to see if he had called and paid or requested the bill and they said no.

Anyway I finally found an attorney who deals exclusively with pet cases and she advised me, since I am not looking to get anything more than what is fair (reimburse me for my days taken off, pay the freaking vet bill, reimburse me for the dog since he is ruined for breeding purposes, reimburse me for the after care products (collar and such) and pay for a year of the medical plan so he can be seen when needed) to talk with them, get their insurance information and  if they are not willing to settle it directly she is going to draft a demand letter to their  insurance company.  If that fails then I will hire her to represent me in court and then I will go for everything I can go for.  With a dog you can not get pain and suffering because they are considered chattel, I can however sue them for negligence and damages due to the fact that I took photos, pointed out the damage when it happened, and all they did was put drops in the dogs eye instead of having the vet examine it to see if anything was wrong with it.  I think i am being more than nice but my patience is beginning to wear out because I think they are not really taking this seriously.  My dog lost his eye for crying out loud, they need to stand up to what they did.  I was also advised if they do not coöperate with me without the attorney, in addition to getting her services I should  file a complaint with the BBB, and call the news and let them know what happened and how, after all they did to my poor baby are not even willing to do the right thing and how they BS’d me into thinking they were starting an investigation.  Oh and she said great job on documenting everything with the photos and keeping track of things, that will help a lot.

I am going to be upset if corporate does not call me back tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Stats surprise…

  1. I am having a hard time believing they are not paying the bill right off with out batting an eye. This is what they have insurance for. I hope this is settled soon. the stress for you trickles down to Bear. Neither of you need this with everything else you are trying to do.


  2. Petsmart is unbelievable in not responding to this in a way that communicates their care and urgency. In the era of facebook, twitter, BLOGS… you’d think they’d be extra motivated to at least appear like they care! Even if it’s just for public relations!

    I’m glad you have an attorney to help you sort this out. It would be too hard on your own.


    • I called the corporate offices again today and instead of speaking with the person assigned to the situation I spoke with corporate complaint department. She took my complaint because now it is not only against the store but also the corporate person assigned to the case. I gave them two weeks warning that Bears stitches was supposed to be removed NLT today. They don’t give a flying flip. I am taking time off of work Monday (I think) to get his stitches removed before they grow into his skin permanently. That will not be good.


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