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Moroccan pouf/Mackenzie Childs inspired Ottoman/ part 2

Part one of the story can be found here….

I got the foam and cut it up to fit the top…I wish I had wider foam so that I could do it in one piece, but I work with what I have…

It would be better to use one piece verses cut up pieces. If you do have to piece the foam you should top it with a layer of dacron to make it smooth. I used the batting that I got for my Moroccan Wedding blanket and doubled it.

Remember that each layer should be glued down with spray adhesive so it does not slip.

Now I had to cover my button. I used the Dritz half ball cover button in the 2 1/2″ size. The top of it is rounded and it said no tools required.

Since this is going to be sat on I covered it with a little foam to make it a bit more soft and then I cut the top edge to bevel it a bit.

The fabric I used to cover the button was actually a hideous blouse I purchased from the Goodwill just for the purpose of using it for my ottoman. hee hee

Since I had the foam on the button I did not use the cutting template because I thought it might be too small. I just put the fabric on the button and stretched it as I was hooking into the teeth (by just pressing it into the teeth). Very very easy.

then I trimmed the fabric

(that leopard print in the background is my jammies LOL)

Then I snapped on the back. WOW this was SUPER easy!!

I purchased the fabric as a remnant and it was way long but I needed some more width so I thought about patching it together. One side went to the bottom but the other side didn’t.

I was not sure how this was going to work once executed but the choices were to use the fabric the best way I could or scrap it and go buy 6 yards of something different. Since I purchased this as a remnant I could not buy any more of this specific pattern. Trust me, when I found this one that was the one time I dug through a bin trying to find another piece and even called the other stores in the chain to see if they had it. No such luck. I know 6 yards seem like a bit much for this ottoman BUT in order to piece the fabric together the “right way” that is how much it would take. Luckily I don’t have any reservations of doing things my way... that’s just how I roll… so lets see how this thing comes out.

Since I did not have enough fabric I went back to Mackenzie Childs website for some more inspiration..

I found this remember that I am not trying to copy her stuff exactly I am just looking for inspiration. This piece cost $2,250!! Hmmmph not in this lifetime. I decided to combine the Mackenzie:

with a Moroccan Pouf

This part is not going to be easy. I dug out my soil separator fabric to make my pattern

I traced a small plate to make the center…didn’t like how that looked so I used a regular plate to make the circle larger. I used my t-square to separate the ottoman into 8 sections and then drew lines from the bottom of each line to the top of the next line at the end of the plate line. I then cut out the fabric to the edge of the ottoman and I numbered each section so that I will remember where each piece goes.


I cut all the pieces out making sure I added some extra for seam allowances and then laid them on the ottoman to make sure they fit. They looked like once sewn together they would fit perfectly.

But once I sewed them all together they do not fit the same 😦

Maybe it will look a little better when I iron it out.

For my centerpiece I sewed a piece of satin together and scrunched it up and sewed it in a circle.

I placed the cover on the ottomon and stuck a long needle through the center hole on the bottom so I could be sure where the center is on top.

Then I sewed the poufy thingy in the center by hand

Then I put the button on and pulled it from the bottom and tied the string around a wad of cotton. I used come cotton string I found in the supermarket.

Part three I will have the sides stapled down, the final trim applied , and the legs painted. I worked on this bad boy too long today and I am done for the night. Difficulty level? 1-10 with 10 being the hardest…I rate this an 8. I need a break now. Going to find my electric cigarettes now cause I either need a smoke or a drink LOL



7 thoughts on “Moroccan pouf/Mackenzie Childs inspired Ottoman/ part 2

    • I am not sure what a Moroccan hammock looks like but I do know you have the PERFECT porch for a Moroccan sleeping porch. I actually have a GREAT hammock I got overseas from this African street vender and I argued and argued with that lady for a good price and she finally she gave it to me for what I wanted. I remember that just as clear. It was about 8 years ago in Italy and she said her name was Grace. She was not budging on the price but there was another vendor down the street. After haggling and haggling I threatened to go down the street and buy from the other vendor. She said “go ahead then” so I went on down there and she tried not make like she wasn’t watching me but she was…like a hawk. I said super loud how I loved one specific hammock and when I asked how much Grace ran down there OK OK You win. LOL and she gave it to me for my price and then they got in an argument because she felt like Grace stole her sale. Then came the disappointment. I never had a house since then that I can use it. Right now I have no porch and even though my yard has a zillion trees, there is no where close that I can hang the hammock. Maybe the next house?

      Oh and that reminds me that I got some great leather molded masks from the other vendor and I gave them all away to my Auntie, except one. The one I kept is the face of an Arab man with a suede turban on. Quite unique. I have it in my office.

      Thanks on the new photo. I am thinking of using it as the cover of my book.


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