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Moroccan pouf/Mackenzie Childs inspired Ottoman/ part 3

If you are new to the thread click to read: Part One here   Part Two here

Time I plan to work on this today? 2PM-6PM then I HAVE to do homework.

I stopped work on the ottoman last night because something about it just did not feel right about it and I had worked on it far tooooooo long (>12 hours).  I did not like the fact that the button was not sunken down enough no matter how tight I pulled it and I wanted to sleep on the question of whether or not I was going to put top stitching on the design or not.  I like that in the original but wasn’t sure if that was going to be too over the top for this one.

I don’t want to make it so ornate that people are afraid to sit on it and I don’t want the grand kids or Bear pulling out the stitches either (I would kill them).  The stitches will give it that taste of ethnicity though and that’s what I wanted.  Then there is the question of what to use yarn or thread? I will decide on that task last.  So much to consider.

I figured out the button problem.  I have to make a hole for the button to sink into.  That meant I had to remove the sewn on button and the cover and then cut a hole.  That made me a little nervous.

After all that…still was not happy with it AND now the center circle looks REALLY  uneven

I AM DONE WITH THIS!!  I will work on painting the legs and putting on the trim work another day…

Mt grand kids call my ottoman the tomato chair.  LOL!!!

3 thoughts on “Moroccan pouf/Mackenzie Childs inspired Ottoman/ part 3

  1. Well not being there in person I wold just say move the button over a bit to center it . Bring your needle up a little off center then down a little off center the other way. Looks great otherwise.


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