There is an animal photo contest going on at the local television station and I submitted the photo of Bear with stitches on his eye with the caption saying something to the effect of taking Bear to Petsmart groomers and a week later he had to have his eye removed. The link for the photo contest is here.

To my surprise he got 25 votes.  LOL

The irony is…guess who is sponsoring the contest?

Now what happens if Bear wins?  Do I then get to tell the news his story?  And do I rip up the Petsmart coupon (the prize)?  LOL this is going to be interesting to see how this plays out.

They removed the link to my blog so I am not quite sure how one reader found it to make a comment but she did.  I think maybe it was a reporter getting info incognito because I could not get to my blog any way through the photo.  I don’t mind…the story needs to be told.  I better check tomorrow to see if they paid the rest of the vet bill yet.

UPDATE: No she was not a reportr.  I went to my stats and found that 48 ppl googled “petsmart made my dog lose his eye” to get to my page.  WOW.  I guess putting his photo in the contest was a good idea.


7 thoughts on “Bear

  1. I went to vote and can not figure how to do it. DOH on me. Can you direct a voting dummy how to do it??

    I was thinking a person could just google for Bear and petsmart and find your blog. AND for sure. From my end there are many many links to your blog about Bear.


  2. How some people got to my blog today? They typed in the following search terms
    bear eye injury at petsmart 20
    petsmart cornea scratched 12
    petsmart scratched cornea 18
    petsmart damaged dogs cornea in nc 8
    dog gets eye scratched by petsmart1
    nc petsmart eye removed 1


  3. I was tempted by the giant black cat, but Bear got my vote. Or, at least I think he did. It wasn’t really clear. I just gave him a 5-star rating, is that considered voting? He had 35 votes as of 3:30. I will vote on my iPhone and Paul’s computer too.

    I shared the link through my facebook page, and Paul’s as well… although no one re-posted it despite my asking them to. Facebook is weird. 20 people will “like” when I change my photo, but if I post a link to my blog or a video or something, only my best friend will comment…

    Oh, now I read the comments. I guess I did vote… duh.

    SO glad people are searching about Bear and reading your blog. Important for people to know Petsmart’s poor treatment and lack of follow-up care.


    • Thank you for your support. One thing I do know for sure is people will hear Bears story if I have anything to do with it. That photo I posted of him is equivalent to a poor starving poster kid or something LOL.


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