6 thoughts on “Happy Haloween Everyone

  1. Well they are cute as can be. Probably do a better job of all of it too.

    We also had a stir last night about midnight. Let the dogs out in their yard for their last gasp and the deer was there. Course that set them off. She wants to be friends with them as she has her own dog at home. She does not understand why ours are not happy to see her. He she went to the bar last night. She is such a goofy animal.

    Then I got that calmed down and hear this sad meow meow meow. Looked out the back door and some one dumped off a black kitty at our house. She is sweet as can be. I put her up on facebook to see if some one claims her and she just happened to wander off. So far no takers. Hummmmmmmmmmm This will make 10 kitties. WAY too many.

    Finally got that sorted out with some food away from our bedroom side of the house for her. Heading towards the bed and accidentally stepped on one of our house cats tail ( just barely) and she exploded with a HUGE ROWWWWWW waking up my husband again. Why do they just keep laying right in front of you when they know you are coming by in a dark room??


    • LOL…the deer here are bold. I am not happy to see them cause they eat my good stuff in the yard. Although this year they were kind to me. I think that perfume on the rag trick worked!!ugggh to cats as well. I find it very unsettling to see my furniture shredded. LOL


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