Yesterday I get home and what do I find in the mailbox but a bill from the vet stating that there is still a balance on Bear’s account.  They have yet to pay the bill!  I am pissed off.  Now they might have gotten wind of what I did… posting about my experience on my blog, on their photo contest, on the local news, on facebook, on pinterest, on their website, on pissed off consumers, on animal blogs, etc, etc… and they didn’t pay the bill for that.  Well my take on it is this.  Thank you for paying the portion of the bill that you did, that was the least you could do.  They already told me they weren’t going to reimburse me for his cost nor pay any future medical expenses.  At first I was going to hire a lawyer to draft a demand letter for me but that would also cost me money that I was not guaranteed to get back.  Why should I be out anything more?  For that I posted what I did about them, and told any and everyone about my experience.  In reality did it really do them any harm?  Probably Not…people will say awwwww and continue to shop there.  I know this, they know this. Why?  Cause they are the largest chain around and they put local small pet shops out of business and people have no choice but to shop there unless there is a Petco around.

So who really lost in this case?  Them or me?  I have a maimed dog and now a vet bill.

They know the stakes.  They don’t care.  They are a big dog, I am an ankle biter.

Well they think they are so damn smart and I know I am a fighter of my rights.  I give them one more chance to pay this bill and then if I have to pay it I have no choice but to take them to small claims court BUT I am going to up my side a little more.  I am going to call all the judges and have my case heard on national TV.  They are  big and they are  smug.

Who should I call?

The People’s Court?

Judge Judy?

Judge Mathis?

Judge Joe Brown?

Christina’s Court?

Judge Alex?

Judge Hatchett?

Judge Jeanine Pirro?

I hate being Pissed OFF.


  1. WOW I AM shocked they are not paying the vet bill in full. That is crazy. Can’t wait to see this on TV. The judges shows are our favorites.


      • You give me hope that maybe something will happen in my case. I have a 7yr old Scottie, who has never had any health problems. After taking him to the local petsmart here, he has contracted some intestinal condition where he has slimy poop. I called the main office and complained and they offered to let me bring him to the vet inside the store. This vet told me he was nervous about being groomed but gave him “very powerful” antibiotics which he was to take for ten days. Well, its been ten days and he still has the same condition. I mean I could go on about how my dog had to fight to get out of there, even bit one of the staff. He has never had one bad report for his entire life, until this store, and the one groomer who had major attitude. Anyway, I was wondering if you had any advice for me and my dog.


      • If I were in this situation I would go back to the store, speak with the manager and tell him my concerns. I would also ask him if he has had any recent complaints on the groomers. They may be honest about it. I would also get my money back from the groom and I would take him back to Banfieldto be followed up on. If they don’t give you any clearer insight as to what is going one I would ask them to pay for your doogie to go to another doctor. Is your dog up to date on all his shots? It really sounds as if he picked something up perhaps from another dog (?) I am so sorry this happened to your dog!! I hope he feels better!!


      • Thanks for your concerns. He is up to date on all his shots. He has never had any health problems, except when he has been around other dogs. I will take him to another vet, after talking to this stores owner. What I will not do is take him back there again, for any reason. They know whats wrong with my dog, and still they told me his condition was due to him being nervous… Really? Nervous? If you could have seen how that handled him you would understand better I think. At any rate, he is still a very sick dog. I hate what they did to him and I’m helpless to do anything to comfort him, which makes me very sad.


      • I was not suggesting you take the dog back but if you want to be compensated I am not sure how you will do that by closing off communication. Them telling you the dog was nervous sounds ridiculous and sounds like its their first step in a cover up. I am sorry this happened to you and I hope your baby is doing better soon!!


      • how is your dog doing? I hope he has had some improvement since it has been a couple of weeks. Any luck in getting Petsmart to pay the vet bills? Keep us updated.. Thanks


  2. I will not shop at petsmart. Not just because it is over 90 miles away and I can get whatever I need at Walmart. Just for you I will not go there.


  3. Ugh. I am completely disgusted by this. I’m sure you don’t have time to go picket their parking lot with a giant sign of Bear… but I kind of wish you would.

    It’s amazing in the age of blogs and social media, this isn’t something they would want to handle with swift sensitivity.

    I too will boycott Petsmart. There is one near me, and I do buy my cat litter there. But no more.


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