Last update on Bear’s Dr. Bills

You-know-who FINALLY paid all of Bear’s vet bills.  I don’t feel like fighting them anymore so I will take that and never step foot in their store again.

I will chuck up the lost time off work and money I am out as a loss, pray on it and move on.  I am sure that is exactly what they were counting on.   I am not promising that if anyone asks I am not going to talk about it high and low and I am not promising that I won’t occasionally post it on blogs cause I still feel like people need to know.

Bear and I will be blessed in other ways double to our loses…always happens like that so I am not even worried about it.

Thanks for your support and to those who will not shop with them any more…I appreciate your support and loyalty very much.  It means a heckofawholelottome.

Thank you!!!

2 thoughts on “Last update on Bear’s Dr. Bills

  1. I’m sorry it didn’t resolve itself in the best way possible. It’s hard to know what the right thing to do or feel is.

    I voted for angry… but I guess that actually it’s better that at least you be able to move forward. Dealing with that ongoing stress and anger really isn’t good for you or for Bear.


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