Online dating site-Deletes

1-Now what is wrong with this scenario?  A guy posts a profile up saying he is Christian and looking for a good Christian lady then he posts photos like this.  Is it me or is this not “Christian’like” and this guy looks like he just said that to get laid? I would like to add DAYMM he does have a nice body.



Is he serious?  LOLOLOL…No straight man would take photos like this!!  He works in a funeral home.  I can tell…


3-No Words…

Hello, my name is xxxxxx; I am retired from the active military and currently work on base. I am seeking to meet someone on a perm basis. I live alone with my 2 little yorkshire terriers that are very friendly in Fayetteville on the Raeford Hoke county line. (I am un touched wanting to be touched) meaning that I have no ladies chasing after me. I am not a player nor do I want to be one; However, I am human and seek the communication, affection,attention ,sensuality,intimacy and much more with out a one night stand as I desire a serious relationship.. I’m initially a shy person and like for the lady to be the one to break the ice between two people. I have respect for women. I believe in working together in a relationship. I just know that I only want one special person to be in my life which is why I am still single; If and when I find her as I do not enjoy the single life. I desire a partner,lover and a friend for life. My comments are lengthy because I am expressing me with no hidden adgenda plus I’m just being up front ,honest and straight to the point and am also very personal with what happens between two people meaning I don’t tell my friends what goes on between me and my if I had and that special person that would be in my life. In other words, I respect your privacy and am not afraid of a commitment. I am truely single and available and my info can always be valalidated. If you are still interested as my comments are lengthy and bottom line up front you can contact me anytime @ 910-670-xxxx and my e-mail is and I hope to hear from you soon. Send a reply to all. Have a blessed day

His profile:

I’m a good catch and worth it. Lets not make the race or age be the factor/issue in not being interested. Is anyone out there interested in a serious one on one committed relationship? Hello,I`m a( FA&M Mason)light skinned black/native american male(CHEROKEE/SEMINOLE)with a tribal card and I am retired from the Military (26 years active service) from FT Bragg North Carolina and now work as a DOD civilian. I joined the Army right after graduating from high school in Ohio. If you are interested and not afraid to step out of the box feel free to contact me. Don’t let ethnicity be the issue for not finding that special one to be apart of your life. My pic`s are recent and I look much younger than my age as I thank GOD for that. I am honest and desire the same. Life also should not just be based on ones income or how much money you flash and or have in your pocket. (what if one should become unemployed?) Will you still be there? I am only being honest as I seek the lifetime commitment. I’m seriously seeking a serious relationship.

I didn’t answer and I shouldn’t have to tell you why


Of course if you feel like I am being too picky you are welcome to jump right on in…

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