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Kids Do the Dardest Things

Last weekend  I took the grands to Sc and we stayed in a hotel.  We were in a place that should have been called smalltown USA…had to be the smallest southern place ever. On the road I never saw so many cotton fields.  I went to get a hotel room in the next town on a street where there was nothing but hotels and restaurants.  I was tired of driving and the grand kids were hungry.  I looked up and down the street and the only hotel name I recognized was the Days Inn.  I usually look for a La Quinta or a Holiday Inn or a Comfort Inn.  Not terribly expensive but pretty decent.  I don’t ever recall staying in a Days Inn before but I could have. The room was $69 a night.  I was a little ticked off at the price for a Days Inn but I did not feel like hopping hotel to hotel bargain hunting.

When we got to the room it was a little smelly.  My grandson, Boobas, said that the room smelled like old smoke.  He is only 9 years old.  He suggested we go get our money back and go to another hotel but I said it was just a room and we were going to stay there for the night and leave in the morning.  He said okay but said over and over he thought the room was disgusting.  LOL I take them with me a lot and they have stayed in hotels before so I guess he was paying attention to my comments because he knew this was not a good one. I usually only have nice things to say.


About 4 in the morning he wakes up to go to the bathroom and I hear a bam on the wall.  I wake up and he says there was a roach on the wall but he killed it.  uggh.  then I look up and there is a second one.  I have no energy…its 4 in the morning.  He says don’t worry Nana, go back to sleep,  I will kill it for you.  At this point I am totally repulsed but too tired to deal with it.  In the morning when we woke up I was fussing and complaining.  I mentioned before I took my shower that I was going to ask for my money back and I hope they have a comment card in the room so I can write out my complaint. I told Boobas to look in the drawer for it so when I get out the shower I can fill it out.  When I came out Boobas said he couldn’t find the card but he wrote the letter for me.


I love him.  LOL He keeps me laughing at all times!!  I hope you can read it.  LOL I bet the cleaning people cracked up.  When I checked out I told them about the roaches and they gave me $10 back.  I was not happy about that but I got satisfaction in knowing that I will never go to them again.

Days Inn …SC…  I should have known better.

2 thoughts on “Kids Do the Dardest Things

  1. HA I am so sorry you had a miserable night. The note to house keeping is hysterical. Be proud of your Grandson to take such good care of his Nana


    • I know right? If nothing else my boys will know how to be good to ladies. I also always narrate through things for them so if we go in a room I point out all the good things about it, hoping to shape their taste. I guess its working because he really did not want to be in that room. We checked in late and all I wanted to do was lay down and go to sleep cause we had a lot of things to do the next day. For some reason I was more worried about bringing them suckers home than anything. Now that I think about it more clearly…it was very disgusting to have a roach in the room. Hope none crawled on my face in my sleep LOL.

      I know housekeeping fell out when they read that note. LOL I thought that was hilarious!


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