Upcycled Cabinet Door

At work we got some new vehicles and the old board where we were keeping our keys was just not cutting it.  We ran out of room for all of our keys.  They asked me…Ms Handy Dandy, if I could either remake the board or fix our board to make it accommodate more keys.

Well it just so happened I have a few doors left over from my remodel project that look too good to throw out.  I figured they would be perfect.

The board we have now sits on the cabinet and someone asked me if we could mount it on the back of the door, so in other words they wanted it

hanging verses standing on the top of cabinets.  Sounded good to me.  I painted it with my sampler paints (that I am so loving that I purchased) and since I was going to hang it I put two knobs (that are really furniture legs) on top to take a rope and I got a hook to hang on the top of the door.  I cut out the words with my Cricut…its good for something finally.

The plans changed when someone in that office said hanging it on the door was not good because it will be dangerous slinging around every time the door is opened and shut.  Then we had the idea of mounting it directly on the door but its a fire door and we didn’t want to damage it.   Then we were going to mount it on the wall but we aren’t allowed to do that and would have to put in a work order with general services and it would be low priority so we decided to mount it on the existing rack.

whew…decision decisions.  LOL

One of my co workers got tired of hearing me complaining about forgetting the drill so he brought in a drill and then I complained about how the hooks were hurting my fingers when screwing them in so another co-worker screwed in all the hooks.  The supervisor said it was just like a man to let the woman do all the work and then they step in at the last moment and take over.  LOL I didn’t mind.

It came out good.


I left a note on the back part where it is hidden (you have to take it apart to read it)

Nov 2012:  made by me on Merles old board installed by Pete and Jack. This was a cabinet door from my remodel.  Everyone had to suffer through my stories 🙂  I sure wish Jay was here (our big boss who recently retired) so he could see it.  😦


I guess now I have left my legacy …

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