Hello, is it me you’re looking for? A dating update…

Well I have talked to and am still talking to a few people and I went out a few times.  It’s interesting and it sure makes for good water cooler stories at work LOL.

There was one message I really wanted to share with you..THE SCARY SIDE OF THIS WHOLE ONLINE CRAP… but he blocked me so I can’t see it to share it.  The message was from a guy who is not my type at all but as my cousin says, my type is not working out so I have to step outside the box.  This guy is disgusting though and greasy looking.  He would have never had a chance anyway but I read his message.  He starts out telling me that he is divorced and that his wife is remarried to a man who beat her up

constantly and put her in the hospital twice and that she got what she was looking for.  Then he goes on to say that he tries his best with everyone but his best is not appreciated.  Blah blah blah, he don’t take any junk off any man or woman blah blah blah and after all that nonsense he goes on to say that he is very orally talented but that is something that will come later down the line.  Blah blah blah and ended with something about if I wanted to go out to someplace public for coffee he would love to meet me.  People I cannot make this stuff up.  I wrote him back and asked him was this a joke.  He in turn blocked me.  LOL thank God because he sounded like a psycho.

You can see when people view your profile and a guy writes me and says he saw that I viewed his profile and I made him feel so unworthy when I didn’t contact him.  I wrote him back and said really?  I would not say you are unworthy just that I am not interested.  He wrote back and said I just turned the knife, he feels worse now.  WHAT?  I blocked him.  Another psycho.

Another guy, he was cute…actually real cute, works in a hospital,  claimed to be a churchgoer, all about positive things etc .  After a while he starts mentioning his man cave he has on his 20 acres of property.  He keeps inviting me to check out the cave.  Finally I told him I may be a bit on the tomboy side but the last time I heard, women are not allowed in the man cave and it is probably a violation of the man code to invite a woman to “hang out” in it.  He said only under certain circumstances.  I did not respond because I see where this is going.  So he writes again and he tries a new angle.  He tells me about how he is a fixer upper and how he rehabs houses.  No response.  He then tells me about his garden.  Since he tried to redeem himself I finally wrote back and said something to the effect of I tried to garden but it did not work out for me.  He wrote me back and said “really?”  How deep did you go?  If you don’t go in deep enough it won’t be good” I wrote back and asked him to clarify what he meant because I did not understand that.  I wanted to see just how bold he was but he said something like forget I said that.  Strike two.  No… that was a double strike two because one he is a coward and two for trying me like that.    I blocked him…why did I even entertain his nonsense?

Another really cute guy writes me.  Government contractor on the base.  Looks respectful enough.  We talk a couple of times and I think he is pretty cool.  I did tell him that he lives a bit too far and I am not really interested in having a long distance relationship but despite that I agree to meet him.  He confesses that he is still married.  I told him I do not associate with married men.  He says he is separated, they don’t live together, she lives in another state and the only reason he is still married is because of financial reasons, the ties he and his wife have to break and financially it is not a good time for him.  De’javu.  I told him that I was not interested.  He then suggested that we be friends.   I told him no and blocked him.  Not interested is not interested.  I need to write a book for young ladies titled “The Stupid Shit Men Say That You Will Hear Over and Over Again in Your Life That You Should NEVER Fall for No Matter How Sincere They Sound”.  And yeah, I cursed…sadly that will sell the book!


I met another guy.  His photos look nice and he sounded like a nice guy.  The first time I told him he could call me after I get off work at 5 he called me before I even got out the door.  One time he called and I was doing school work so it was my intention to speak fast and get off the phone but he kept on talking.  I wound up staying up till 1 in the morning finishing up because my paper was due the next day and then I was late to work.    I agreed to meet him to go to the flea market that weekend.  When I see him I am a bit alarmed because he is much smaller than his photos and you can tell he had been sick.  He said he was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer, was operated on and is going through chemo and is on disability until March.  He kept trying to spend his money on me at the flea market and I kept insisting he don’t but then I did let him spend a little because a man always wants to feel like a man no matter what and I won’t take that away.  I thought maybe we could be friends but I realized that is probably not possible as I know he wanted more than that.  I already have a friend that is always pretending to be satisfied as just friends and I am always shocked when I find out he is trying to make moves on me.  Its not a comfortable feeling to know someone is constantly scheming to get you in bed.  But anyway when I was at the flea market I was trying to find some baskets to hang in my kitchen and he went shopping for me to find them after we separated Saturday.  and….  He wanted to know everything about me, friend him on Facebook, give him my blog address and since I did not want to he thought I had a terrible secret I was hiding.  I wasn’t going to give up my information.  He has nothing but time, time to sit at home and investigate and potentially become a stalker.  I already have two of them … I don’t need another.

Now on to ME being rejected… something I am not used to at all.  NOT AT ALL.  I see this guy he is a tall Italian guy dark skin (olive), chiseled features, down here via NY, owns some bio chemical company.  We talk a few times a day.  Everyone is begging me for my number but he does not ask.  So I finally do a guy thing on him and say something like it would be nice to speak on the phone sometime instead of texting back and forth.  He does not respond for a day or two (from messaging 2-4 times a day mind you).  Then he writes back simply “LOL”.  I am a bit confused over this.  So I go to write him back to ask for clarification and guess what?  He blocked me!  LOL What in the world?  He’s gay.  Has to be…LOL

Second rejection.  Yes a second one.  I never tell people what town I really live in much less work but there is a guy, a contractor, who is pretty decent looking.  We talk back and forth.  He sends me to his YouTube channel to see these videos of him skydiving.  Not bad.  The videos are pretty recent and his bubbly personality shines through.  Then I look at some of his other videos and I realize he is a contractor for my job.  So I write him and ask him this.  Never heard from him again.  He’s married. Has to be…LOL

The other day I realized I had not been through all my messages so I go through some more delete, delete, delete…then there is a message from a guy I don’t remember seeing before but the message had been opened already, I just never responded.  He reminds me of my brother.  Oh yeah I remember why I did not respond to him.  He sent me a  message….  Hello, How are you?  I was waiting to see if he was going to try a little harder than that.  He didn’t.  I finally write him back.  We message, we talk, and he is from where I grew up.  He is sexy as all get out and if he is telling the truth about himself he has some things going for himself… plus he cooks authentic Caribbean food.  My best friend tells me I need to stay away from these valley people, they are bad news.  LOL We will see where it goes.  He seems like he is a nice guy but he did make me raise my eyebrows a couple of times already. He mentioned something about a lady suggesting they go out to eat and then leaving the check for him to pay.  Note to self…never ask him to take me anywhere because I pay the tip, IF I have cash on me but I don’t pay on dates.   Ever.  Even if I suggest it…Unless its a birthday or something like that and I am not about to start now.  Found out through a series of questions he is looking for someone to hook up with.  I am not looking for a “hook up”.  hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he must not have read my profile good enough because I think I was pretty clear on that.

Times sure are changing but I am  a woman who likes to have some sort of standards and I make no apologies for that!!

6 thoughts on “Hello, is it me you’re looking for? A dating update…

    • That is pretty and it did start on the right photo after a second delay. I actually now have everything I need for the ceiling. I am also making a shade for the light out of a parasol. I want to start on the ceiling so bad but I really need to put drywall up first and that is what I will be working on this weekend..

      Funny how these guys all have the same lines. and they think they are so original. LOLOLOL


      • Yah I guess about the guys Friend here is 54 years old. In fact two of my friends are 54. Both single. I hear the same stories from them. Should I out live my husband there will be no more men in my life. He is a great guy and we totally enjoy each other and we are almost 24 /7 couple as my job was supposed to only be 40 hours a month and most of that was done at home. We have been together day in day out for most of our 26 years together and never run out of things to talk about and many times there is no need to talk. We have had a very good relationship.

        Things seem to be different now a days as far as dating. We never really dated. I moved in with him because I needed a place for me and my animals to live after running screaming from a bad relationship and he needed a cook. We got married 7 years later.


      • Funny thing was I was not looking at the time. I had been friends with his Dad for 11 years. Just barely knew him. Mostly through hearing about him through his Dad. Needed to borrow a tool from his Dad one morning and he was there. So we all sat around the kitchen table and drank coffee and by the time I had left my life had changed. All over a wrench. LOL


      • Awwwww thats sweet. You should get a photo of you guys and hang the photo next to a plaque that says all because of a wrench and have the wrench on it. LOL


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