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Weekly Update

I am just checking in for the week.  Realizing that my self imposed deadline to finish my renovation  is approaching (12/31) I am anxious to get it done. I called the guy who was working for me to come in and do the last room, my bedroom, which consists of tearing out a ceiling and drywalling the walls. I also need all the trim work throughout the house finished and I have a small punch list to get done.  After all that is done I can concentrate on the important stuff…decorating…draped ceiling…wedding blanket, torans, crafts etc….the bells and whistles so to speak.

But oh of course when I called him he now has a 9-5 job. I asked him if he can bring a friend and work on Saturdays.  Heck I would pay premium to get it done in a day of that was at all possible.  If they get everything mudded and sanded I will paint. He said yes to working on the weekends.   I went and picked out my living room set already. Its a pit sectional and I found it for a sweet price but now I  can’t decide if I
still want red leather,  that I had my heart set on, or black leather, because I am feeling black now that I am using this futon. I will go back when I decide.  What do you think? (Excuse the mess of course)


Then there’s the dating situation. I been on quite a few dates so far but most of them have been duds.  I have come to the conclusion that most guys online are looking for sex not relationships. They start out being smooth and debonair until they find out this is not a booty call, then there’s the literal meltdown.  lol… One of my coworkers said its okay not to make them wait, no one think bad of me and they won’t think of it as a booty call.  WHAT??? NO!!  That is just not me.

Then there are the ones who misrepresented themselves, probably because they think it will get them into someones panties that much quicker. I am losing faith in this online crap and thinking of taking my profile down and doing things the old fashioned way.  I did meet someone offline but there’s a “but”. Isn’t that always the case? Well if nothing else I have been entertained and sitting round the house all the time is no longer the case.

Moving on to the next subject…if you switch to Verizon home phone and hi speed Internet and bundle it with satellite TV you get a $450 apple gift card. I switched and I  have $500 worth of merchandise sitting in my apple cart waiting for for my $450 to come rolling in!  I really like the  Nike fuel band and am curious to know how many calories I burn a day.  They also had some other neat stuff.  I will be saving $30 a month also. That puts a 🙂 on my face!

Hopefully next week I will have some really good progress to report.  I will be checking all my friends who  also have renovating blogs to see where everyone else is at.  I hope I see a lot of progress…to motivate me even more!
I typed all this on my phone and I am now all typed out.  LOL Have a good day

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