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I was all excited last night clearing out my bedroom and then something told me to call the guy and confirm he is coming. No answer. He usually don’t get here after 8 so I have to assume he is not coming. That really took the spirit out of the day.  I guess I have to do it myself and I am not too happy about that! 😦

4 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Oh I HATE that. Happened to me on getting carpet installed one time. So Sorry. Do not consider dating this one. Undependable. Still having hope they show up. Had a flat tire or some thing to delay them.


    • Lol…the kids enjoyed coming over and treasure hunting through my junk
      Anytime i said I can’t find something they gladly searched. I heard so many times this weekend “hey Nana…did you know you had this…can I have it.” LOL.


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