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Another Weekend Has Creeped Upon Me

I am starting to feel stressed the heck out!!  My house is still torn apart and no prospect of finding some one to do the last room for me.  Looks like I might be spending my weekend putting up some drywall.  I am so not into it anymore…I feel like going on vacation and just saying screw it and just put the room back together and leave it as is. I feel like my hands are tied because now I have to go through the process all over again… looking for someone to do the work.  I am tired of screening workers.  I HAVE HAD IT!!!   I am pretty frustrated!!

Tomorrow the phone people are coming to run the phone lines and the alarm people are coming to fix the alarm and the satellite people are coming to finish installing the satellite system AND I have to drop my car off at the dealership.  Yes… my brand new frick-fracking car.  I don’t know how I am going to do all that in the morning but where there is a will there is a way!

One good thing this holding off has done is made me rethink my furniture choices.  I knew I wanted a sectional in my living room but then in searching online I have discovered different sectionals some with headrests and some supple leather joints!  OMG I AM IN LOVE!!

(these would have to be a u-shape)

You get the picture right?

Now also when I took my bed apart I had to put it on the floor until the room is finished.  I have this super high sleigh bed that is totally too big for my bedroom and with low ceilings it really does not work.  I did not realize just how bad it was until I put the bed on the floor.  Now it is the perfect height. In looking up the sectional I happened upon these platform beds and now I am in the market for a bed (yes the snowball effect is still in full effect…like I also thought to myself if I could just add a 6×12 extension on the side of the house to make a closet then my office could then be transformed into a guest room ohhhh that would make everything perfect.  Actually I could reconfigure that room and make it the master bedroom.   I don’t need electricity or windows… just a bump out closet.  But lets stick to the plan for now, shall we?  No more snowballing…this house has gotten out of hand enough as it is).

The beds I am looking at: I love all the padding 🙂

a cheaper bed…

All I can do for now is dream and plan.  I pick up my truck (hopefully) in a couple of weeks and then I can start hauling all this stuff out of here and take it to the appropriate places…the dump, habitat, restore, my daughter and nieces etc., clean up the yard, get rid of the storage unit,  and make this place finally start looking like a home.

Please God…

I been a good girl…been nice to people… even the jerks I come across…stayed out of drama, didn’t rip anyone off, grinned and bared it when I got ripped off, my doggie lost his eye, I lost a toenail, and things have not been going so smooth for me… please help me get this remodel finished soon so I can get back to my life.  Let me wake up tomorrow to the phone ringing, Carlos can come finish the job or someone who is reliable…starting Saturday morning!  Otherwise I guess I will put on my big girl panties and get to working on sheet-rocking the room and tearing out the ceiling but God please know….I really don’t want to do it.

Thank you!!!


2 thoughts on “Another Weekend Has Creeped Upon Me

  1. WOW Cool couches. I like the looks of the white one but it does not look comfortable. The tan one looks more comfortable. the others look too deep in the seat.

    I hope some one finally showed up to do your room. We have the same trouble here. It is hard to get some one to do any work. :^(


    • Thanks…right now a deep couch I can sink into sounds comforting. No one showed up. I am about to start taking down the crown moulding and attempt to put some of the sheetrock up. I can’t believe how strongly I feel about not wanting to do it. I have a last resort person to call but I really don’t want to call him as I know he wants to work on more than my walls.:-( i better get busy before another perfectly good day flies by…


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