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End of the Year Report

Well it is almost the end of the year and OMG the house is still a wreck.  It is the worst I have ever seen it like EVER EVER and I can’t live like this any more.  My project has come to a complete stand still and I am stressing out!!  The guy I had working on the house is still working on his “steady” job so he has no plans to return anytime soon and the longer it is in disarray the worse it is getting.  I was out appraising a house today and I talked to the foreman of a new construction job.  I asked him if he knew anyone who could do my drywall for me and finish my trim  and he gave me the name of a guy he uses.  He claims the guy is VERY trustworthy and he only charges $16 an hour.   Sounds good to me!!

I just took my finals earlier this week and they kicked my butt.  I was going to try to put the drywall up  myself and then have someone come in and mud it up and do the ceiling but I swear I am wore the heck out.  I did manage to tear out the crown but it wasn’t easy cause the wood was so dry, brittle and old.  I was originally going to save it but I am throwing it out.  In the meantime I have been running around after work every day Christmas shopping.   I started shopping before Black Friday and I think I got everyone on my list something really nice.   I have 7 grand-kids to buy for.  Yes I said it…7!! Last night I was up till 3 AM wrapping presents because instead of wrapping as I shopped I made the mistake of waiting till the last minute and did it at one time.  I have presents all over my living room.  I decided that after Christmas I am dedicating my time to getting this work done on my bedroom at any cost.  I am so tired of living like a gypsy!

IMG_20121220_233952_zps57348423[1]Today I took Bear for the first time to a groomer.  He went to the very first groomer I ever used and I thought they went out of business but they actually moved.  I really liked them but they are  VERY pricey.  When I went to pick him up they asked me what happened to his eye and I told them the short version of the Petsmart story.  He asked me if it was Dale and when I confirmed he said Dale had several incidents against him and even though it is the store policy to fire a person after 3 incidents they refused to fire Dale.  I am so over the Petsmart drama though.  I have too many things going on to spend any more energy on that so I said a quick prayer and turned that over to God to deal with.  I do however, think it is a crying shame they allow that man to still work there. He will never touch my baby again!!  It looks like I am seeing two eyes in that photo but its impossible because I see Christmas presents in the background so I know its my pirate version of Bear.



IMG_20121207_202905_zps8f3aefdd[1]Last but not least I must have gained more weight since Thanksgiving so I can’t wait till the first of the year to go on a diet.  LOL I know I know…that’s a typical new years resolution.  I actually like my weight BUT I just want to get it put in the right places.  I am thinking of a tummy tuck to get me started.  Yes I am dead serious about that.  So my new year project is seeking out a plastic surgeon.  Anyone out there have any experience to share with that?  All my friends had lipo and tucks and they look great.  One I know had it about 7 years ago and she never got her tummy back and she acts like the gym is the last place on earth she rather be (in other words she never goes) so that may be the lazy way out but heeeey… thats what I am talking about!!  LOL

Okay so I am signing off for now.  I wish each and every one of you a blessed Christmas and a prosperous new year!

~Jaya ~











6 thoughts on “End of the Year Report

  1. So glad you posted today. Was getting ready to send you an SOS. Hoping the new guy will take care of your walls and ceiling. It can be so unsettling to have your house a wreck. Are you happy with how your kitchen is working now you have had it a couple of months to get used to?

    So glad you found your trusted groomer again. I bet Bear is too.

    You look great. I would love for a tummy tuck. In reality it will never happen. Lipo either. I am a bleeder. It would just make things worse for me. I am many years older then you so these things are not as important to me. BUT if it makes you feel better and the $$$$ is there go for it.

    Enjoy your Christmas with the kids and Grands. I am so glad we do not do any of that. I think we will just have steaks for Christmas dinner. I did not shop for anything special. We will enjoy a stress free day. And maybe even a little snow.

    Merry Christmas. My the New Year bring you Completion and Happiness in your home.



    • Lol it felt weird not posting BUT school was kicking my butt and with the house in disarray I been too stressed out to write. It would have been more of a whine.
      Anyway thank you…since the world did not cease to exist then perhaps I will get to see my place finished. Will write about the kitchen later but overall…loving it.


      • Glad you are loving the kitchen. I do understand brain overload. Feeling so much better since I resigned my job.

        We will be having a tear down in a few months. Getting new vinyl in two rooms and the hall and closets. No more carpet. Woo hoo. Waiting on warmer weather for that one. Also giving me time to sort through more crap to go away. Very excited to get this job done. Going to be a real back breaker for us. Will be worth it.

        Back to work here. Or play. either one I need to get myself out of this chair.

        Do not work too hard. so glad you are past your testing.



      • I wish I could afford to tear all the carpet out of here and put down vinyl. I am loving this plank vinyl in the kitchen and laundryroom and it seems so much cleaner than carpet.

        You resigned or retired? That is wonderful!!


      • UGH I caught a cold. Been dragging.

        I resigned. The city used me up. I had enough. Long story that should not be told here. Email me. I have lost your email.

        Wanted you to see this bath.

        Check out the Eye on the base of the sink. Picture 3 shows it the best. So very cool. Must add an eye to my mirror surround in the bath. LOL



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