Good News!

The guy showed up for the estimate and his price is slightly  higher than the last guy BUT he is bringing a worker with him…which actually makes him cheaper and he is starting this afternoon!! Hoo hoo! Most updates as the work develops.
6:27 pm
The guy showed up and we went to

Lowes to buy sheetrock. We pulled the crap that was on the ceiling and ground there was a beautiful bead board ceiling underneath

My first reaction was to keep the ceiling and paint it white because it is pretty but then I noticed the dirt lines on the back of the panels and the dust on the ceiling


I made the decision to go ahead and put sheetrock up as planned. I don’t want to be breathing that attic dust!
These guys weren’t playing… they got busy and said they wanted to get the wall ready for sanding by tomorrow. They been working for 5 hours now. They just called some “mudders” to come in and get ready to mud. This is how it looks now:


As of this moment this is what’s left

The driveway is full of cars and one tried to turn around on the grass and got stuck. I know he dug a hole in my yard. Darn…my grass just recovered from the last person who did that about 3 years ago…and never even offered to fix it. I will take a photo tomorrow when I can see good.

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