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First Day of the Year-Working on the Budoir


I couldn’t sleep last night so I worked on the wording for my good morning wall quote on my Cricut till about 4 this morning.  I got up at 6 AM ready to work in my bedroom.   I had to caulk all the window edges, prime the walls, trim and ceiling and put down baseboards.  I kept taking breaks OFTEN then I cooked dinner which included turkey.  After I ate I was soo sleepy then in my mind I blamed that on the turkey as it was proven there is something in there that makes one sleepy.  Later I realized I only got 2 hours of sleep!!!  Well no wonder I was so sleepy Sherlock & the turkey only made it worse!

I put the baseboard down, used almost 4 tubes of caulk caulking everything then primed the ceiling and walls.  I got this super cheap primer from Lowes called drywall primer and it was about $7 for 2 gallons and it is actually a very nice primer..I think it is closer to Bullseye than Kilz.  I had the primer custom tinted and now looking at the color of the primer ( a very soft bluish gray) I really like it as a room color.  I am not going to keep it but it did make my bedroom look huge.  No!   My bedroom is going to be pink…I already have the paint.  Anyway I am going to bed.  I took an extra day off and tomorrow I will be painting the walls.  I am not all that good at trim work…so thank God for caulk!!  It covers a lot of mistakes LOL.  Anyway this is where I am at now.  I am thinking I am also going to paint the stones on the fireplace cause they are so dirty and I can’t clean them (yes, I tried)



2 thoughts on “First Day of the Year-Working on the Budoir

  1. Yes I would also paint the stones. Use lots of primer on them first. The gray is a pretty color but if you have pink in your brain and at your house then pink it should be. So glad you are finally getting to the end of the house only I will miss your posts for projects.


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