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Day Two 2013

I got up bright and early this morning to paint my ceiling. I was going to use BEHR ULTRA DELUXE ceiling paint. When stirring the paint I noticed some lumps in it.



I never seen this before so I wasn’t sure if it was a terrible thing or not.  Turns out it was. There were lumps all over the ceiling. I was pissed. I stopped after about an eighth was done. Then I thought to myself I should continue painting scrape off the lumps then go get my money back and use it to buy that ceiling paint that goes on purple and then turns white. So like a dummy I kept painting with the lumpy paint. Then I got to scraping and ohhh no, the scraping went down to the drywall.


Whatever. When I went to close the container that’s when I noticed the lid


What in the world? This was a brand new never opened bucket of paint. I don’t care for Behr paint anyway. I took it back.
Second thing… Now I know the difference between regular primer and super cheap drywall primer…no hiding power to the drywall primer.  I primed my fireplace and it looked good.


Hours later the color of the stones was coming through.
Third thing…the color I picked out for the walls is Valspar Brazilian Blush. On the walls it was not quite what I expected.


I guess I will forge ahead with it and see how it turns out.  The colors never look the same on the walls as on the chart. I have to be back at work in a few hours so goodnight.


4 thoughts on “Day Two 2013

  1. I have found cutting my chosen paint color in half when they mix it really helps. You get the same color overall but it is not as intense. Unless intense is what you are going for. I like the fireplace stones painted. Even if just primed.


      • When the store mixes the paint color they only add half the tint to the base gallon as called for. this gives you the same color you chose only lighter. It helps stop the color from looking twice as dark on the walls once painted. Like in a hallway the color will reflect back on itself and darken it to the eye. Cutting it helps stop this. Course if you are a fan of dark colors then to not do this.


      • Oh I got ya. I usually find the color chip is lighter than the color I want so I go a shade darker on the strip. Lol I guess that makes me a dark color fan. I am trying to get away from that but it is hard for me. I gravitate towards dark or pure colors. I love the look of whit walls and trim bit in my house it would drive me crazy….I know cause I tried it lol


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