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Day 4 of 2013

Well I decided I CAN NOT live with that pink paint so I have another shade called Valspar  Cherry Mocha.  I like it.  Problem is that now I am so unmotivated!  And I am tired and had a hard week and all I can think about it is going to sleep BUT I am tired of sleeping on the floor.  So I have a choice this weekend…I can either get to it or I can escape for the weekend and then come back to this shhhhhh and still have to deal with it… I don’t think so.  When I got home from work I went to Church’s Chicken because they have fish on Fridays that is ummm ummm good….expensive as hell but good.   I got  fish, collard greens and sweet tea.  When I finished eating I was really wiped out and could no longer stand it so I took a nap.  I woke up at midnight and decided to get to it so I painted the walls.


I think I am going to use the Valspar LaFonda Boulda (That tan color I used on my kitchen walls) on the stones then paint the mortar Cream in my Coffee, paint  a dark brown on the mantle and the insides of the windows and I think I will use the Cream in My Coffee for the baseboards, and the face trim.  I will think on this tonight and make up my mind in the morning.  As the paint is drying it is looker nicer and nicer.  Valspar picked an appropriate name for it…mocha cherry because it is like a rose color with a hint of brown.  I am REALLY feeling it.

I cut out the letters for my good morning wall.  It only took all of 5 hours yesterday LOL.  Anything to get out of painting.   I am such a procrastinator even if the alternative is equally painful.  There must be some weird psychological explanation for that.  I even went to Home Depot to get the supplies for my draped ceiling but I can’t even start that till I finish with all the paint..  I will post that project separately!  The crap on my floor gives you hints about what I am doing…I just have to put it all together: big board, mirror tiles, miter box, nail gun…Hopefully I make a HUGE dent in this project this weekend.  I want to furniture shop tomorrow!!


4 thoughts on “Day 4 of 2013

  1. This is a nicer pink for sure. I like the stones light. On the fence about dark mantel and window trim. It certainly your call. You know what the rest of your plans are as far as color and decor. I do not remember what is on your floors in there.


    • Carpet, beige with small dark brown and darker tan specks. You should be able to see it in the photos. Maybe not. I am not sure what I am doing with the trim yet. I am going furniture shopping today and I will make up my mind when I get back…all I know is I’m not buying anymore paint.


      • LOL on the not buying more paint. Know the feeling. How I came up with pergola purple. Mixed three purples and some thing else,forget, together and painted the results. Actually I liked all three colors so the results could not be all that bad.

        It probably is a good idea to drag colors in from your other rooms to keep some ?? continuity going. Was just thinking how hard it would be to paint stones one color and grout another color trim another color.

        Happy furniture shopping.


      • Okay here is the definitive game plan that is almost finished!! I am painting the trim, baseboards, windows and mantles brown and the stones Cream in My Coffee. I got the brown as oops paint at Lowes for $5. I am also going to paint the crown in the living room the same brown color…and the baseboards if I ever put them up. I did go furniture shopping and decided against the sofa with the headrests. I actually got something totally different which means I have to repaint some things in the living room hhhhhhhhhh, this project is never going to end. LOL


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