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Day 6, 2013

Well this has been an interesting weekend.  I went furniture shopping yesterday and found the exact sectional sofa that I wanted with the headrests and on top of that had reclining chairs in it and an Ipod docking station with speakers, USB Port, cup holders (that I was not too crazy about) and a storage unit to store  something like the remotes and a pistol (LOL).  It was a little more than I was expecting.

Of course nothing really works out for me like that though.  See what happened was…..I had been shopping all day long. I even had on my super high boots so I was feeling sexy on top of it all.  I went store to store looking for a sectional that was not over stuffed and has headrests.  Sounds simple enough but not so easy to find in the store.  I can find them all day long on the Internet but I wanted to sit on it and see it for myself and well this is North Carolina and they are still behind the times somewhat.  I went to about 8 stores and there was nothing even close to it then I FINALLY found one.  They had one left and it was a floor model so it was marked down to about $2500, about half the retail price.  It looked similar to this one but each seat was a separate section so it was technically a modular sectional.

Well I was sitting on it and slipped my hands between the cushions (kindda by accident) and the next thing I knew the seat nearly fully reclined to a flat position.  OMG what luxury!! It had like 8 pieces to it which is too large for my living room but I am sure I could find a place for the extra pieces or sell them.  Then this cute  little weasel sat next to me on the couch and said he was thinking about this set also but his wife forbade him from purchasing it because one of the sections did not recline.  He went on and on till I decided I did not want it either.  So I walked around the store and then I thought to myself I been searching all friggin day long looking for this couch and I couldn’t find anything even close to it and  so what if one seat did not recline…I was not looking for a recliner anyway so I walked back to get it and WHAT??? That freaking weasel was buying it.  See it was the last one, no more were available nor can any be ordered and he saw me about to buy it and if I got it he would not be able to buy it so he talked me out of it.  Soon as I walked away he got it.  I was so pissed.  I told his sales rep I was checking out that set first but he said the guy had been in there a few days earlier so technically he saw it first.  What the hell ever.  I was soooooo mad!!  But I kept my cool.  I am a spoiled brat and I wanted to walk around the store with my lip poked out stomping my feet but I am not having spoiled fits anymore.

I walked around disgusted so I picked out another set, it was not a sectional, no recliners, nothing special about it except it is a VERY pretty set.  I can not find a photo of it online but it is nice.  I was sitting on the couch thinking to myself if I got this set I would have to change a few things I had painted in my living room as they no longer match and then here comes weasel gloating….he apologized to me and I told him that was a dirty trick he pulled on me but whatever I hope he enjoys it.  I really wanted to say Eff you mother effer, I hope the shhhh falls apart on you…but that would not have been a nice thing to say so I didn’t.  Karma is a mo fo though so I am sure he will regret doing that.

Anyway….the set I picked out was a small couch and love seat with end tables and a coffee table and it has 6 little footstools.  I know you just can’t imagine that …now can you?  It is ultra modern yet retro.  I think I like it but I have to repaint both pieces on the china cabinet though.  Not looking forward to that but I must do what I have to do.

When I got home I dedicated my time to working on my bedroom.  I finished painting.  It took a while because each piece had to dry and that stretched it out to the hilt.  I went to Lowes and they had a bunch of oops paint ($5) so I got the brevity brown and a pecan brown for the furniture.  The walls are Valspar Mocha Cherry in an eggshell finish.  The trim is Valspar Brevity Brown and the stones are Valspar Cream in My Coffee.


The trim was in eggshell finish which was unusual for me to use for trim.  I used it only because it was oops paint but it worked out.  Wow I never realized how forgiving a flatter finish is. Since I am sick and tired of painting I did not fill any nail holes and with the flattish finish paint you don’t even see that.  If it was semi-gloss or gloss paint every hole and fault would be blazingly obvious.  I also taught myself a little trick.  I did not want to get paint on my carpet when painting the baseboards.  I slid a spatula under the baseboard as I was painting and that worked.



I finished all the painting and the next step was to make my mirror.  Instead of paying all that money for  a cut mirror I used mirror tiles.  I need two more mirror tiles as I am short.


On the door instead of putting in a screen as planned I am going to put  a rosewood insert over the glass (to match the rosewood piece in the kitchen)  and on the office side of the door I may put a sheer curtain.


When I got the rewiring done they could not run the lines behind the log walls so he had to use conduit on top of the wall (see right side of photo).  I caulked the back so there was no gap and painted it.  It kind of disappears into the wall.


That’s all for tonight


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