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Draped Ceiling Instructions. Part 1

I just had a new ceiling put in but I had my heart set on having a draped ceiling…I just feel it is so romantic in the bedroom.  I mentioned it a while ago in my bedroom ceiling Intro conversation and since then I have had the most hits on that page…why?  Because there are just no instructions out there.  I treaded into an area no one seemed to share how they attempted it.  So here you have it…instructions to make your bedroom or any room have a draped ceiling without spending a fortune.  No sewing involved and is very easy to do.  It does not take long at all!!



This fabric is 3′ x 150′ and it looks like this closeup (the rolls come in much wider rolls) I got this from Home Depot in the outside garden section.  I used 2 rolls :

a5d358f0[1]  soil

EMT:  Each rod is 1/2 diameter, 10′ long and cost $2 each.  You find it in the aisle where the electrical supplies are carried. I purchased 4 for the straight runs of the walls and two for the corners.  I had them cut the two pieces for the corner in half and I bent them in the store.  Now I have 4.  Why didn’t I just buy the bender tool?  Costs too much (see photo).  I did not cut anything down to size I wanted to do that myself at home…plus its not free

6235948349_4301da7211  corners pipe


  • Two hole straps for 1/2″ conduit about $1.50-$3  I used one strap about every 4 feet (Electrical Aisle big box stores)  Much cheaper in Lowes and I like the ones in Lowe’s better


strap4  strap3

  • set screw connectors…you need one for each piece of pipe you put together.  I used eight. about $4 (Electrical Aisle big box stores)


  • An iron and a roll of hem tape =$2 (Walmart but I bet they sell it in the Dollar store)


  • Spray paint for your rods.  I sprayed mine white.  I used the cheap 99 cents spray paint in Walmart and used two cans.  There were some drips on the rods but once I put the curtain over it you could not see it. $2
  • tacks…I used left over upholstery tacks from my ottoman.


  • Something to cut the rods with.  I used a jigsaw with a blade for cutting metal. you can use a hack saw or buy a pipe cutting tool
  • long screws to put up the rods.  You need two for every clamp you use…


  • TOTAL INVESTMENT…ABOUT $52  ..I would need a total  of about 20 yards of fabric and fabric is not cheap so I definitely think the trench fabric is much better.  Fabric is also a lot heaver.  This stuff is feather weight.

Spray paint your pipes white.  Its not important for it to look perfect because you won’t see the quality of the paint job through your drapes.


Put the straps on the ceiling.  Make sure the screw is almost all the way in.





Place the long rod in the clamps and line up corner 1 rod.


I slipped the coupling on the end and measure the other line up to the line in the coupling.  Then cut the rod.  I learnt after the first one to put the coupling on the cut end and connect it to the uncut end.  Makes life easier!!



Only put one corner up.  Now time to prepare and put up your fabric.  I am going to let the photos tell you what to do.  Remember that the fabric is polyester so use steam and be careful not to burn.  Put up your fabric for one wall and then put the next corner together.  The hem size for the curtain should be a minimum of 2″ but I used about 4 inches in some spots because my cutting is not exactly straight.  Its okay it doesn’t have to be.





Make sure you iron both sides of the fabric.  thread it through the rod to the place where it will be then pull it out to the light fixture and measure it one foot beyond the light fixture.  cut it at that point.






If you keep the fabric taunt and cut across the roll.  You can cut pretty straight…not perfect but pretty straight and that’s good enough



At this point put a tack in the middle of the tape and tack to the ceiling around the light fixture base.



I am going to cut this down a little later.  For now it stays like this till I am finished.



In case you are wondering what light fixture I have I got it from Lowes and it was very cheap.  I just liked the shape.  My auntie said it looks like a kitchen light.  I knew it would not be visible when I finish.


Part two of how to drape a bedroom ceiling with fabric to have a Moroccan themed bedroom coming soon





4 thoughts on “Draped Ceiling Instructions. Part 1

    • Thank you. It was a fun project until I got to this point. I went to start on my second roll and huhhh…I couldn’t find it. I went online and checked Home Depot near me and it said they had 5 rolls so I was going to buy a roll then return the unopened one when I find it. Get to HD no soil separator. Go to Lowes and they have a roll of 300 ft x 24″ and it is $35. No thank you. Ugggggh!! I put my project on hold till I find it. In the meantime I am cleaning out my sitting room next to my bedroom. That has been a two day task. Right now I am recaulking windows and repainting the trim in there. Might as well do it all while I am in there…snowball effect LOL…


  1. Sorry about the missing roll. Hope it turns up soon.

    I do understand the snowball effect. I switched china cabinets today. 3 foot for a four foot room to room. Had to wash all the stuff in the big one so decided it was a good time to make the switch. I did not get the project done. I ran out of energy. The cabinets are moved and one filled back up. Tomorrow the other one put back together.

    Glad you are getting another room finished up. Your house is going to be such a sanctuary for you.


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