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The Beauty of Shopping Around

Yesterday I saw some 12×36 mirrors on Walmart.com and because I have the matching tray to it (that I purchased out of the Goodwill by the way), my desire for the mirrors grew.  I REALLY love that tray and I REALLY wanted the mirrors.


The problem I had with it is that it was $125 and quite frankly I have a problem paying that much money for mirrors, especially when they come from Walmart.  I noticed in the fine print that the mirrors were being shipped from Wayfair.com so I went to Wayfair to see if I could get them  cheaper, but they were the same price.  I put it in my shopping cart and went about my business.  I had to sleep on it and decide if I wanted to invest my money in these mirrors.  They would look perfect in my livingroom AND fit in my Moroccan theme but all that is besides the point of $125!!  And didn’t I switch over to Indian vs Moroccan?

This morning I went to my facebook page and what do I see on the right side of the page?


How do they do that??  I swear… no sense of privacy what-so-ever!!

Of course I check it out and sure enough I was getting a discount.


So now I am down to $112.71 but still over $100 and still too much for me.  Now I am obsessed with finding these damn mirrors cheaper because now I REALLY want them and I don’t want to pay a penny over $100.

I went to Google and searched for Aspire Colorful Wall Plaque.  I found them on Amazon.com


there was postage involved in this deal.  $79.95 + $14.95 shipping = $94.90

Bingo!  I found them under $100 so I should be happy now right?  Nooooo, now I am thinking maybe I can find them cheaper.  Come on Google, how low can you go? That was the goal in shopping around but then the danger set in.  You put one thing in google, you get a zillion hits and then you see something else you want and you totally change your mind.  Yeah, when I say “you” I meant “I” and I admit I am guilty as charged.  I wound up shopping for something for my other wall and deciding I have some frames in my closet I can use on the wall I was originally shopping for.



I will be glad when this is all over with!!!  IT’S DRIVING ME CRAAAAAAZY!!!

2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Shopping Around

  1. With your painting abilities and paints on hand why don;t you just buy two wall mirrors and paint them for yourself? they are very pretty.


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