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I ordered my furniture a few weeks ago and yesterday was the delivery day for the living room set. I was so excited BUT in actuality my house was not ready. I stayed up all night long the previous night putting things away and moving things around. TOOLS EVERYWHERE!  JUNK EVERYWHERE, no rhyme nor reason.   I had my den futon and coffee table in the living room and because everything had not been put up yet I had to move things around room-to-room AGAIN but I also threw a lot of stuff away, stored some things  in the basement, pulled some things out and put them on the walls etc etc. How many times can you create “save” piles and keep moving them room-to-room?  I can probably answer that question when my  renovation is over with. So far its about eight BUT each time I go through the pile I throw more and more away (I feel like such a hoarder).   My delivery time was 12 -5 and I was as ready as I could get by 12.


When the furniture came the delivery man got the love seat in the door and I sat on it to give it the butt test. Hmmmph… I didn’t like how it felt and I didn’t like the way it looked in my space either. He went outside to get the sofa and guess what? It would not fit in the door. YAYYYY. I was so happy I almost peed on myself.  Well not really, I’m just saying LOL  All I could think of is that he would have to take the set back and I would not have to pay delivery or a restocking fee. I pretended to go along with him to get the sofa in the house but I had already measured it and knew it was not going to fit no matter what he did, short of taking the whole set apart. The fact of the matter is that the doorway was too narrow. I couldn’t understand it because my last set was much larger and we had no problem getting it in or out but there was no way to get this one through the doorway.  We finally figured out the new set had a much higher back and  I need a set with a normal size back.

I liked the set the very first moments of seeing it.  It wasn’t until he started drawing up the receipt and asking for payment when I decided I wasn’t too keen on it.   I really loved the tables though..but in truth it did not match my living room vision and I started thinking I would have to repaint the living room a different color and put my brand new rug in a different room because while it could work it really did not match. You are probably wondering why I went through with the transaction then. DON’T ASK ME CAUSE HELL IF I KNOW. It was late and I was tired of shopping?  Mad at the weasel for stealing the set I really wanted?  Didn’t I tell you that I believe in a woman’s perogative to change her mind at will? Yes I did, I know I did, so don’t ask…you should have already known it was coming.  I had buyers remorse immediately AND and I fretted over it all these weeks while I was waiting for it to be delivered so in actuality it not fitting was a Godsend. Why didn’t I tell the store I did not want the set in the first place?  Because I really like the table and I could not find another set that matched the stool tops  and even though it wasn’t what I wanted it was the closest to my vision that I could find; I KNOW, I KNOW…I was willing to keep a set I was not feeling because I liked the coffee table.  LOL  … gotta love me

I then started thinking about what I wanted (now) and I decided I was going to get a plum colored set.  Plum, or for you guys sitting there scratching your heads, that’s fancy talk for dark purple.   So the shopping expedition began once again.  It was my intention this weekend to get my set in here then I was going to do some school work on the comfort of my new couch.  That didn’t happen obviously.  The shopping frenzy/frustration started again and of course you know I wasn’t going home without the satisfaction of finding another set.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go back to looking at sectionals or if I wanted a sofa set.  I was gravitating towards a sofa set because with them I get coffee tables and Lord knows I don’t have enough flat surfaces around this joint.  I need places for all the new piles I plan on starting LOL.  I searched high and low but there were  no plum sofas to be found.  I wound up getting a low profile set in raisin…that’s fancy talk for a dark reddish/burgundy-ish.  Even though it is not plum, I feel pretty good about it.  They won’t be able to deliver till the 12th.   I wanted to complain about that date so bad  but in reality, that really works for me so I kept my mouth shut.

So my  futon is back in the office with my half finished closet.  I am not dragging that thing back in the living room.


My bedroom still looks like a war-zone as it is now the keeper of most of the piles and the ceiling is still half finished and there is no way to get the mattress down on the floor to sleep on it because I still have the bed I am selling in there and I have no where to store it..not unless I get help to put it in the storage room outside that I been renting for a fortune and I really want to empty and tell them to come get…


And I am back to camping out in my living room.  hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Hopefully this will be over with soon enough.

Fingers crossed.

Right now  I have a paper to write and all I can think about is this house and all the limbs in the yard I have to get cleaned up.  God, its going to be Spring soon and then I have to shift my focus from inside to outside.

My work is never gonna end.

Maybe I can call my insurance agent and she can save me. Ohhh that’s right, I don’t have State Farm.


Maybe I need some sketchers

4 thoughts on “Frustrated

  1. The set you showed today is a lovely set. Is that what you are getting then? Sorry the other did not work out. Glad it did not fit into the house to save you the added expense of shipping and restocking.


    • No, that is the one I sent back. I got a different set that I was pretty happy about yesterday but today I am thinking wow, it is so plain: no tufting, nothing modern about it, nothing special. My accessories will have to make it pop so I am okay with that. It is really hard to find furniture that I envision.


    • Hi! I am sorry I don’t have that much time because I am taking some really tough courses this semester. I am almost at finals so soon as I finish my last paper I will be finishing my ceiling if nothing else. LOL Hope you and hubby are doing well.


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