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Online Furniture Ordering Experience

Before you read this article let me preface it by saying that buying furniture online is in no way the same experience as buying it in the store.  This is a reporting of my experience which I think would have went a little smoother if I would have better prepared myself.   With that said:

I wanted this wave style platform bed that I could not find anywhere except online. I wanted a platform bed, I wanted it to be leather, I wanted it to be brown, I wanted it to be modern, I wanted it to have a padded ledge on the side, I wanted it to be low and I wanted the headboard to be tufted. I could not find anything close to it in the stores so I was forced to go online. I found this at a store that had online ordering capabilities called Grigsby Furniture ( in California. They have a lot of furniture that I want and their prices are extremely competitive with other online retailers, and you know if I went with them they were cheaper. I was not too keen on buying big pieces online because really, when I buy furniture I want free or damn near free delivery and I want to sit in a corner somewhere filing my nails while they put all my crap in the house  and set everything up. I then tip them according to how hard they worked , whether they respected my house and furniture and if they cleaned up every single bit of their crap.  If I have to do one iota of work after they leave they don’t get a tip.   I could not find a bed I wanted locally so I HAD to buy it online and I had to pay out the butt for delivery.  BUT I paid no taxes so it didn’t hurt so much.


I called the store to see if they had it in stock and a gentleman named Alex said yes. I was having problems with their online order form so I had to call a few times. Their website really needs an overhaul in the worst way. After I went through all that aggravation he called me back to tell me that he was sorry they did not have the bed in brown, they only had it in black or white as the brown was discontinued. I was disappointed in that.  VERY disappointed.  The white appealed to me immensely but I never had white furniture, and after raising three kids, I am still afraid of anything being white so I went with the black. Oh you can be rest assured, I mulled it over and over and I searched everywhere to see if I could find it or a similar bed in brown but I couldn’t so I conceded. That was Friday.

I tracked my bed and found it was due to be delivered Wednesday by freight truck. Hmmmm, I get it in 5 days?  That sounds interesting. Tuesday this chick, whom I assumed was a dispatcher from the trucking company, calls me to tell me that the furniture would be there the next day. I asked her if they can give me a call 30 minutes before delivery so I could meet them. I do this all the time and no one has a problem with it but she said no because her drivers are not allowed to have a cell phone. I was thinking okay they may not have a cell phone but they do have a radio and they could have asked the dispatcher to call me for them but I wasn’t in the mood so I took off work early to sit and wait.

Interesting that when the guy got here he parked in front of the house and then called me from his cell phone to tell me that he was sitting in front of my house. Yeah you heard me right…he called me from a cell phone….something he’s not supposed to have.  I had the door open because I heard him when he drove up. I KNOW he didn’t think I was going to come get the stuff off the truck!! It just so happens that I had on a little sexy top…one of these camis they advertise on infomercials that is so nice you can wear it as a shirt. uhh after looking at his reaction to it and objectively looking in the mirror (after he left) I guess it looks like I came to the door in some sexy lingerie top like some destitute housewife looking for some deliveryman action. NOT!! Damn infomercials…they always lie… and I always believe them. Anyway I am not sure if he brought the stuff to the house because he was supposed to or because he wanted to get a close up look.

The boxes were pretty beat up. It looked like they were damaged with a forklift or something. He said he was only allowed to bring the boxes to the door. He was kind enough to lay them on the floor in my sitting room which is the room the door is in. He did not have to step foot in the house. He laid the boxes down and slid them in the room. When he went to get the next one I would bring the prior one in the bedroom. Thank God my sitting room is attached to my bedroom.

IMG_20130206_165930_zps111e9cdd  IMG_20130206_175306_zps4244b409  IMG_20130206_164407_zpsef8d682b

I looked in the holes to see if the furniture was possibly damaged. I couldn’t see. I asked him if he was taking the cardboard but he said no. He claimed to already have checked the boxes for internal damage but I wrote on the receipt that two of the boxes were damaged. If I don’t know anything else I know that whenever you have damaged freight ALWAYS note it on the slip you sign or you cannot ever ever make a claim later. All of the boxes were messed up but two were really beat up and those were the ones I noted. He looked panicked when he saw me writing that down. I think if the shipment is damaged any claims come out of his pocket. He should have been more careful. I paid good money to have this delivered here!  Not even a penny tip did I give…maybe next time he will be more careful with peoples crap.

After he left I had the task of opening the boxes and setting everything up. After I took everything out the boxes I could see the damage…one of the mattress supports was dinged by the forklift and there were several gouges in the wood frame. I needed my bed so I proceeded. I had already purchased a Bunkie board so I am guessing I won’t break the bed because of the one slat being damaged in the frame. I followed the instructions…4 steps…and bam, bed was put together. Time consuming but pretty easy…LOVE IT!!

IMG_20130206_174942_zps530257e1IMG_20130206_184850_zpsef161f86 IMG_20130206_184448_zps853ee425 IMG_20130206_175059_zps7d76dd2c

And there was the mess that was left.  What am I going to do with these boxes???


Would I do it again? LOL, do you even have to ask?  If you have been following my blog then you should know by now I would do anything to save a few dollars!!! That is just how I roll. I love hunting the Internet for bargains and I love getting stuff from faraway places. I feel a little prestige when I say something comes from overseas.  Lots of stuff from India of course, hookah from Israel, stuff I purchased from Greece and Spain and now a bed from California LOL.  Wellllllllllllllll, I definitely saved a lot of money compared to what I was going to spend, I got what I wanted, and I LOVE the way it looks. The bed seems to be solid and I think whomever buys my house will love it (I am selling my house furnished when/if I ever sell).

The World Wide Web is my kindda mall!!

PS I asked the store about a claim against the delivery and he (Alex) says he will call the trucking company and if he gets a credit he will pass it on to me. I sent him photos and I sent videos from my security cameras. We will see if I get anything back. I was sending my cousin in the store to check out their furniture but she was turned off when I said I had to put my bed together.  She’s not going to do it and her brother (the actor) is always on set somewhere so he won’t be able to do it for her either…unless she waits a gazillion years for him to get around to it.

I do not have a problem with the store, just with the shipping company but it seems like someone should be compensating me in some kind of way.

UPDATE:  It is now a month later and no word from Alex about compensating me in any way on the shipping.  I think he was BS’ing me.  Its okay…I won’t be using Grigsby any more and my review is here for all the web world to see.

4 thoughts on “Online Furniture Ordering Experience

  1. Dang gal if it weren’t for bad luck there would be no luck at all for you. The bed is really cute. Laughed at you wanting a low bed. We have a very high bed being on an old iron frame. We spent a night in the motel last week on a regular height bed. Twice I forgot the height difference to what I was used to and found myself in a free fall. Made me laugh.

    The cardboard makes great under mulch in your flower beds. Slice it to fit and pour some bagged mulch over it and forget about weds for a season or two. Poke holes into it to plant your annuals if you do that.


    • LOL I guess I missed the mark in writing that one because I did not really look at it as bad luck as I did a situation with a few annoyances. It was my first time ever buying furniture online. I should have called a friend over to help me put it together and then it probably would have went a lot smoother.


  2. There are online stores that will set your furniture up in the house. What you got was curbside delivery has similar furniture and they have free unpacking and free assembly. I don’t work for them or anything.


    • Thank you. I have been to the website that you mentioned and yes they are competitive. I did not know the difference in the different types of delivery but now I know. Thanks!


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