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I am almost done with classes for the semester and if I can have a sane minded evening I will work on my school projects and then when I am finished I will  get busy on my house projects before classes start again.  I have a week window and the following projects to finish in that week:

1- my draped ceiling (no further supplies needed)

2- my prayer wall (need to find out where I wrote it out so I can get it right on the wall)

3- my fabric covered Rubbermaid plastic night stands (need to get the wood tops cut)

4- my flip-up table for the kids in the kitchen (need to put on the top coat)

5-converting my Moroccan lanterns into corded lights (need the wiring)

6- finishing my wall to wall closet (need to put up the rods)

7- finish transforming my crystal chandelier and hang it (I have to find some one to weld a custom  frame for me)

8- make my penny table (I need some pennies!!)

If you have a preference, leave a comment and I will try to work on those projects first.

PS My daughter gave me a Big Mouth Billy Bass fish plaque for Christmas a few years ago and I never hung it because I never knew where to put it.   Well I finally found a place for it in my back entrance room.  Let me warn you…. that thing will scare the holy bejesus out of you.  The house can be perfectly silent and all of a sudden he belts out a Christmas song on the top of his lungs at all times of day and night with no provocation.  Talking about jumping out of my skin!!!  LOL  Is my daughter trying to send me to an early grave? My grandsons saw it visibly startle me and now they think it is the funniest thing ever.  It’s a conspiracy I tell you!!

billy bass

Anyway… vote…vote…vote…if I don’t get an answer then I assume that you are not interested and I will take my merry time posting 🙂

2 thoughts on “Vote

  1. Wow! It looks like you have a busy week ahead of you! And I see you are making a penny table. Is that the same penny table-like the ones they show on Pintrest? I think those are so cool. That will be so nice.
    That’s too funny about the Big Mouth Bass. That would totally freak me out in the middle of the night if I heard that thing singing Christmas songs! Ha ha!


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