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Chandelier (Part One of Three)

IMG_20130319_215516_zps4ec421cc[1] My living room has this light fixture.  When I first moved here I thought it was soooo cute but now that I have changed my whole angle on the house the light is not  looking too good to me.

At All.


And now I am even wondering…what was I thinking? Oh yeah, I remember now…authenticity for preserving my 73 year old log cabin…. anyway I have stressed over my light choices in the living room after I chanced upon a chandelier at the Goodwill.  I kept asking myself how I am going to do this…truth be told its way too large, I can’t use it, and I have to come up with something else.  Since I think I only paid $15 for the chandelier I figured I would re-purpose the base into something for the yard and use the loose crystal pieces in some light contraption I come up with…no harm, no foul Right?  Right.  Thanks.

I once again scoured the Internet looking for ideas.  I fell in love with this kind of sophisticated look but I need something with an ethnic twist.  Middle Eastern, SE Asian Indian glamor.  LOL I have to pull this living room together somehow… a turquoise wall, a plum/taupe/burgundy couch a black/gold/red tomato ottoman, a green/black/red and gold Indian tapestry oh goodness as I look around its giving me a headache.


I don’t read Chinese but I get the idea


You do understand what inspiration for me means right?  It means I like the concept and I will use that to do my own thing and while it may have some “thread of similarity” it probably will be waaaaaaay different.  That’s just how I roll.  The things I need are:

  1. drum light shade
  2. some extra crystals, wire and stringing
  3. trim
  4. imagination

The rest I will be winging cause I have no freaking clue what I am doing… all I know is that I want to do it.  I looked around for a drum shade and wow they are almost impossible to find under $35.  I am TOO CHEAP for that.  I went on the Internet to find some crystals and ummm… can’t afford those either.

Each night after work I been going to the stores looking for supplies.  Tonight I went shopping in Hancocks Fabric because everything was 30% off and I had a coupon for an additional 20% off one item.    Of course I went crazy in that joint.  That’s why my craft drawer is so full  hee hee.  I got a deal on a lamp shade….FINALLY

So here are my supplies:
 photo IMG_20130320_214757_zps4bae236e.jpg

 photo IMG_20130320_214903_zpsfdee1bd3.jpg

 photo IMG_20130320_220111_zpsee6f38f6.jpg

 photo IMG_20130320_220237_zps15cda931.jpg

You are probably wondering WHAT DA HELL?

Yeah me too.

I hope I don’t mess this up…shhhhhh don’t tell anybody

More to come…

14 thoughts on “Chandelier (Part One of Three)

  1. I think your choices are great. I think I can see where you are going with this one. I already put it together in my mind. LOL Most of it. Love the peacock feathers. From what I can see your couch looks great too.


    • Thanks…you probably CAN figure it out. Not sure if I am going to use the feather on the shade or not but zit will be used somewhere in the living room and my entry room. I am working on the chandelier as we speak. Will be a separate post hopefully no later than tomorrow. Want to finish this so I can move back on working on my bedroom ceiling


    • Thanks. I actually did like it as well… it just does not fit my current decor. I sent you an email,,,probably didn’t get it. I hope you and hubby are doing well!


  2. Dang forgot again. I say an amazing peacock feather look done in beads on wire from a Joanns add. did you see it> If not I will get you a picture. Was so neat.


  3. Your today’s post will not let me post. Giving me an invalid some thing or other. So adding it here for you.

    your beads are Gorgeous. I have never tied the strands part way up. I usually just string both strings through the beads to the top. Also on the bottom bead if you used a smaller bead and then both strings through the larger bead the strings do not show on the sides as much.

    Love your random choice beads. It is called bead soup and works really well to spread the great beads out. I still need to bead my lamp shade for Eve but my hands are too sore right now to even consider toughing beads and threads. It will be a good time passer on the days I need to be quiet around my husband.


    • I forgot about Eve! How is she coming along?
      I was also getting errors tonight as I was uploading the newest photos to the post.. Sorry that you had trouble also. Thanks on the beads. I didn’t realize beads are so expensive. I will be paying attention when I go to the flea , thrift stores, sales in craft stores etc. looking for loose beads or interesting costume necklaces I can take apart


  4. I can not post again on your part three.???

    Looks great. Love the crystals in the center. Curious how you attached it to the ceiling.


    • Not sure why that is happening. you are not the only one who told me this is happening. I am going through my plugins deactivating them. I think that might be the problem. I left the base of the light fixture on the ceiling and attached the trim to it. I attatched the light shade where the glass shade attached.


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