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Chandelier (Part Two of Three)


This page is dedicated to making the strands to hang from my chandelier

Before I begin let me remind you that I am new to this, yes I am winging it, and no I never beaded a thing in my entire life.  If you are knowledgeable about the subject PLEASE feel totally free to comment with your suggestions…Even though it might not help me with this project, it might help me in the future.  I plan to do a lot of bead stuff!!

okaaaaaay…here we go


1  of each of the followings:

  • Design Elements Inspirations- French Riviera ($4.19), Caliente Coral ($5.59) and Glitz & Glam($5.50)  (.74 oz each pack)
  • Jesse James Beads- Urban Ice Spice
  • Jewelry Essential Crafting Beads (550 pieces of clear 8mm beads) ($4.20)
  • Jewelry Essentials clear Stringing (20 yds)  ($1.74) NOT the stretch kind
  • Jewelry Basics Findings (140 pieces) Eyepins ($3.99)

4      5        6       9       7     8

NOTE: I got all of my beading supplies from Hancock Fabrics and the price I quoted reflects  30% off BUT the packages had websites on them so I passed the info on to you in case you want to look around.  I know I wouldn’t be able to buy these online because in the store  I was so confused and dazed and amazed at all the available choices.  I was literally standing in the aisle not able to make up my mind for over an HOUR or more.  I got off work at 5 and I did not get home till 9 so okay maybe I was drooling for a couple of hours.  There was just too many beautiful glass beads!!  I had to stop where I did…reluctantly.

First I took all my beads and put them in a ziplock bag and mixed them all up together.  My plan is to grab a few beads blindly and whatever comes in the scoop, use them on a strand.

 photo IMG_20130321_212617_zpsf255c46a.jpg

My strands of beads will be of varying lengths.  I know I want all of my strands to be a little lower to a lot lower than the lampshade so I cut my first strand 3 times the height of the lampshade.  I think that is way too long but better too long than too short.  I grabbed my first handful of beads. 
 photo IMG_20130321_215539_zps1881a03a.jpg
I put my strand through the first large round bead it and moved it down so that it was in the middle of the strand, then added the next bead by putting both strands through the second bead then put one single stand through the next small crystal bead and tied a double knot.  I put both strings in the next bead and then one through a small round bead and double knotted it.

1  2

I kept this up until I was about halfway the length I wanted for the strand.  Because the colored beads were so expensive ($6 a bag) I used  the clear crystal beads the rest of the way to the top stringing them through both strands.  When I got to the end I strung one strand though the last bead then double knotted it.  Now on the top I want to use a metal finding…not sure what they are called.  I made sure the small loop on the end was closed tight (I tightened it with my teeth LOL).  I thread one strand through that small loop then double knotted the strands again and cut off the extra.  I am not sure if I did this right BUT it was the way I tried and it looks like it might work.  Note…remember I measure the string two times the height of the lampshade?  Well now that the strand is finished it is just one length of the lampshade now … so lesson learned… use at least 4 times the length or more!!  I guess it was all the knots that used so much of the strands.


I was so busy doing the strands that I lost track of time…it’s now after 3AM but I finished  them.  The lampshade has 3 wires in the top so I figured 6 would suffice.  I don’t want it too busy.  I am pretty happy the way they turned out and I can’t wait to see the finished product.  Remember I made the strands out of glass beads and I attached two pieces of real crystal on the bottom…a crystal ball and a crystal teardrop.  I love it!!  With each strand I changed the way I put the beads on  so if this is something you try then you can take my instructions and try it out and in practicing do it your way.  I will say that knotting the round beads so many times came in to be a life saver because I kept dropping the strands on the floor as I was working on them.  The beads after the knot fell off but since I did the knot after 2 beads I did not loose much.


One more step down and four more to go (cover the shade, attach the strands, fix the base and hang on the ceiling).


Feel free to comment here

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