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Why oh why did I switch to Sprint?  My bestie and I was on Sprint for over 12 years but  when I moved to NC I could not get good service here so I switched to ATT, I got in a dispute with them because when my Mom died my bill went over minutes and they would not change my plan to unlimited that month.  My bill was over a thousand dollars so while I disputed that out with them I ported over to Verizon to keep my phone number.   I had perfect service with Verizon BUT they were too expensive so  when ATT and I came to a mutual agreement on the bill I paid it and went back to them.   Bad mistake because while we were disputing they got the i-phone and now their service sucked.  My calls were constantly dropping.  It wasn’t just me it was happening to  a lot of folks sooooo because of how cheap the plans were  I then switched over to T-Mobile.  OMG what a disaster.  I went from hell to burning hell.  As soon as my contract was up I was in the market for a new phone and a new service.  My best friend told me that Sprint got better and when she visits her parents in SC she has no problems, and another friend told me he has no problems with them either so I took the leap.  I wanted the Samsung Galaxy S3 but the sales guy convinced me to get the Samsung Galaxy Nexus instead.  I followed his advice.  I HATE that phone.  I also pretty quickly realized that I hate Sprint again.  My first bill was $378!!  WHO DOES THAT?  I told them I wanted out and they said yeah you can cancel but you have to pay $75 per phone (I have 3 lines) in addition to the $378.  Plus I am $180 in the hole for the OtterBox cases.  This is ludicrous.  This is a lose lose situation.   I couldn’t afford to switch without screwing up my credit so I stayed and now they got me by the balls. My kids are mad at me for switching and I am mad at me for switching.  We all hate the phones, we all hate the service.  I have to get out of this contract… but I know they won’t play fair about it.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to get out of cell phone hell?


6 thoughts on “I HATE SPRINT

  1. Sorry know nothing about cell phones. We use an old flip phone with pre pay as you go kind of thing. Cost us about $10.00 a month. We have to have a land line to get internet so we use it. No long distance on it, I use my Magic Jack. Cell phone is for when we travel only. I HATE THE CELL PHONE I HATE THE CELL PHONE I HATE THE CELL PHONE And no one has our cell number. LOL


    • Lol I can not live without my phone. Its my communication network, my camera, my calendar, my game center etc. I wound up writing a letter to the BBB after speaking with Sprint on the phone 4 hours today and getting hung up on 3 times. I am so frustrated!


      • Just to update…I sent a complaint on Sprint to the BBB. The corporate offices got back to me and they analyzed my cell phone bill and found 75% of my usage was in a 3G area (even though this is a 4G area), and there was over 700 minutes of roaming calls a month. They let me out of the contract. All I had to do was send the phones back and port my numbers before the 23rd. No penalty. I am now back with Verizon because you get what you pay for here. SO far I am happy, but I haven’t gotten my first bill yet. LOL. When I was switching phones the guy in Best buy said this is a 4G area, only problem is that the 4G is not turned on. Well no wonder!! He said Sprint plans to switch very very soon.


    • You would probably fip your wig if you knew how much I spend on cell pone bills a month. I have three lines (two for the kids) and unlimited minutes and texts and 6GB of data. If you pay $10 a month it is about 18% more than you pay. LOL…Is your wig flipping yet?


  2. I have been a customer since 1997. I have been trying to get released out of my contract for a week now. I drop 37 percent of my calls at home and more at work. I do have the air raid and it
    Helps a little but my drop call rate is still extremely high. I was told my signal strength is 73 percent in my area. We live in a time where this is unacceptable.

    Two days ago we got extremely bad weather and my daughter after many attempts could not get a hold of me. I have her texts and plead for help. My child in danger. This occurred after trying to get out of your contract.
    Now I deserve a little respect in this sensitive manner. I feel I am being held prisoner for another year with a service that works half the time. I pay one hundred and sixty dollars a month for a service that doesn’t work.

    Now during the storm other people were streaming the news while I could not even send a text!!

    Please I hope this finds the proper person that can help me.

    I use to sell sprint at Radio Shack for over ten years. I know what is capable. Instead I have been getting the run around for a week.

    I feel I am being abused!


  3. Hi and sorry about your troubles. I am not really the right one to help you. I suggest you either look on the website and call their corporate offices and if you get no resolution go to bbb.org and file a complaint. I find they are most responsive if you have multiple complaints about the service although in this case you probably couldn’t.
    I filed with the BBB and they let me out of my contract with no penalty. I had to return the phones.
    Good luck and sorry I could not be more help to you.


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