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Better Luck This Year

I might have talked about this before…I am not sure…so if I have please pardon me for repeating.  I have a problem and it is killing me.  My inner child is a gardener but the real me?  A serial plant murderer!  I don’t do it on purpose, I swear I don’t, and I don’t know why.  At one house I spent so much time and money on my garden….and it was only  36 square feet.
 photo 5627_zps7dbd71bf.jpg
I planted and I killed several plants and what did not die usually withered away.  But that wasn’t always the case.  Once upon a time I had a decent yard


 photo PatioGarden_zps3602e259.jpg  patio garden

Anyway that was the past so lets  fast forward to last year…2012… rrrrp  rrrrrp.  I hired a landscape designer to plan out my yard around the house.  He gave me a beautiful plan and I hired a guy to cut out all my flower beds.

weeping cherry tree, carnations, moss roses and gardenias planted. photo IMG_20110610_185129.jpg

I also had a tree guy trim some of my trees and cut a few down because I need more sunshine.  The guys who cut the trees down messed up my new gravel driveway so lesson learned…don’t get the gravel until everything else is finished…it’s the last step.

i need one of these! photo IMG_20110601_115107.jpg

giant oak coming dowwwwwn photo IMG_20110601_115102.jpg

and this is all that was left. photo IMG_20110601_130351.jpg

For my plants in my design I went to a nursery called Broadwells Nursery in Angier, NC.  That is about 2 hours from here.  I went because  I heard they were super cheap and when I went I found they were super cheap just as I heard.  A friend and I loaded her SUV up with plants.  Now I must also note that these were gallon size plants and they cost practically nothing.  I got about 40+ plants.  After I planted them I  purchased about 50 bags of mulch, which was not nearly enough so then I purchased 2 truckloads of mulch and then I used the mulch left over from some of the trees I had cut down….and believe it or not I still did not have enough.  I had to stop there though because I had no more money.  It was getting crazy.  Only a couple of plants died and they were the ones from Home Depot.  To be fair though I have to disclose that  we had a heat wave and one day I came home and some of my poor plants looked like someone set them on fire.

75 bags of mulch, 70 more tiles for the patio and lattice delivered photo IMG_20110608_080818.jpg
transporting mulch without making a mess photo IMAG0418.jpg

Okay so this year I planted a few rose bushes in place of the ones that died last year.  I didn’t wait until they were on clearance this time.  Maybe planting them fresh and when they are supposed to be planted will be better… ya think? I also used my mothers trick of digging a huge hole and filling it back up with Miracle Grow soil.  She said that was her trick to huge beautiful plants and she certainly had the best garden in the subdivision…if not the whole neighborhood.

I decided I want more Gardenias to line my front walkway so I was thinking about going back out to Broadwells since the ones I got from him were growing so well but I decided to try to propagate from one of the bushes I already have.


I watched a video on Youtube and now I have 12 cuttings from my Gardenia.
 photo IMG_20130327_190843_zpsc626af63.jpg

I also cut four pieces from the fig tree.I figure if I feed the deer they might leave my good stuff alone (??)  Or will that back fire and they will eat the stuff I put out there for them as well as the stuff I don’t want them to eat?  Its a gamble..
 photo IMG_20130327_190950_zpsccd5c096.jpg
I also planted some seeds because I want Zinnia Benary’s Giant flowers.
 photo zinnia_zps7f7cf777.jpg
I purchased the mixed colors, even though almost everything else is pink or white or red.  I also planted six Carolina Allspice Shrub seeds
 photo IMG_20130327_190901_zps1246f4ec.jpg

The only plants I purchased was Sensation French Lilac and Mountain Valley Lily of the Valley Shrub (Japanese).
 photo IMG_20130327_190933_zps7d66c11e.jpg

I am thinking really hard about buying some Live Beneficial Nematodes, 1550 lady bugs and 2 egg cases of Praying Mantis.  Oh yeah and I am going to also buy some more composting worms as I am using my compost bin this year.  I am getting good about it to my shock.  Have any of you used them for natural pest control?
 photo mantis2_zps0c27609e.jpg   photo mantis_zps7a0c5f78.jpg

I hope I have better luck in 2013!!

5 thoughts on “Better Luck This Year

  1. I have come to enjoy your blog so much. It is written with so much of “you” in it, rather than the tons of how DIY projects. Although I enjoy your part of this also. From what you wrote, it doesn’t sound to me you are a bad gardener. I haven’t tried any of the plants listed. But am the rockies, so we have a far different environment. Envious of your beautiful yard.

    Your yard is beyond beautiful as it is. We are in our 4th year of drought and the grass is gone. But I planted a cottage garden using xeriscape and a dry creek running through it. My green thumb seems to be Shasta Daisies, will be planting more this year.

    I do have deer, dozens live in the area. My front yard was planted in deer proof plants and trees. But they still nibble. Will the deer actually leave your’s alone with fig trees? All the work ahead deserves some deer cover, that plastic netting that can end up all over you, but cheap. I think it is actually used for trees to keep birds, etc. away. At least consider until your plants are established and a bit older. I love figs and would be right there with them.

    A lot of work ahead, get your gardener heart going. Guess I don’t have to say that, you already made the huge jump. Enjoy….


    • Thank you! A little encouragement goes a long way. I keep my blog a little personal and i was not sure if i should take the personal out and just give the steps and show pictures so i appreciate the feedback. As for the garden if I can get through a summer with at least 90% of my stuff surviving I will be happy. This year I am going to do everything on time instead of my time. As for the fig trees I was hoping since the deer come into my yard and munch away on my good plants if I give them something near the back of the yard maybe they will leave my good stuff alone. I hope. Sometimes I come home and an heart broken when I see my flowers eaten down to the ground!!


    • PS daisies are very pretty. I was thinking about netting around a veggie garden I am thinking of. I hate the way it looks but it will save my stuff. I heard a good deterrent is to soak a rag in cheap perfume and tack it to a stick or tree


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