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Pink Pink and More Pink

I went to the store today to look at some pink paint and I got totally over whelmed not to mention I started doubting my decision then started looking at other colors and then I could not even make up my mind for a sample so I wound up not getting anything.    Then I started thinking why am I even looking at paint anyway?  and so many things went through my mind I had to take a blood pressure pill and call it a day.

If I went to the store and they had a pink palette already on a card I probably could have taken the dive BUT they did not.  My cousin painted her house pink and she thought she picked out a soft pink and when she got home she found her house painted in hot pink LOL.  It is really pink.  Like bright pink LOL.  Its in California and they do stuff like that anyway so she kept it.  Plus a change would have cost out the ying-yang…but I am  in the south and I tell you right now if I muck this up I will be the talk of the town…literally!!

So I remembered that I have the Sherwin Williams Chip it plug in on my browser where you can make a pallett out of any photo for inspiration.  I decided to get a lot of pink and see where it takes me so here goes…I chipped everything I felt was inspiring to me.

I love these colors…straight from nature!!  I am either using this one or the last one…

 photo 13_zps93ddfeb4.jpg

This is a very romantic pink pallet

 photo 12_zps4368d376.jpg

I like pink and brown combo but that is such a fad that I think I will tire of it easily


I like this one too but it is grape and not pink.  Purple rain… purple rain…

 photo 10_zpse206f089.jpg


I love love love this one…

 photo 8_zpsd587957f.jpg

Love this one also.  a safe alternative from pink…its rose not pink LOL

 photo 7_zpseee7872f.jpg


 photo 4-1_zpsd697d30b.jpg

this is a bright pink I will not touch.  this is my cousins colors LOL…SHE WASSSSSS THE TALK OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD

 photo 3-1_zps737ed974.jpg

Love this one also

 photo 2-1_zps8b6a0578.jpg


2 thoughts on “Pink Pink and More Pink

  1. I do love color. I just can not get behind the pinks. There is a house about 50 miles away painted pink and every one uses it as a land mark. Like 2 miles past the pink house and turn right. OR such and such town?? OH that is where that pink house is. I think in the city you might be able to get away with these color combinations. To me (and what do I know??) Pink is not a country color to use on your darling house.

    Did you notice most of the pink houses you show are all ginger bread style houses or inside rooms. The color you have now is lovely. The white is crisp against the green. Put some color into it with flower plantings.

    Put up shutters beside your new window if the white there bothers you without the proper siding. I also tend to go in too many directions at one time and eventually finish projects as I move along. Maybe just finish the trim on the new door area and clean up. Plant an all pink flower garden.


    • LOL thanks for your honesty. I have hesitated because I am not sure on the colors right now either. I have seen lots of pink houses here but I have not taken photos of them…mainly arts and crafts houses. Anyway I am still mulling the colors over in my head. My house is the smallest one in the area so when I tell people I live right after the church they ask “The cute little green house? I always loved that house! Your husband fixed it up nicely.” Husband? What husband? LOL. I don’t get insulted at that anymore. Now I am wondering if them knowing the house is a good thing or a bad thing cause it wasn’t always cute…..


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