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Still Thinking About House Colors!

When I first got here I made a post in Gardenweb asking for advice on house colors.  Someone photo shopped my house with different colors.  I picked the Red but ultimately settled on the safer green when I went to buy the paint.  Remember this was before I changed the windows and did other things so here are different renditions…updated comments welcome 🙂  I want to ask them again to help using the colors I picked out but I am embarrassed to do so being that I just painted the house a couple of years ago…
My house before…
 my house before

 green house

 brown house

 beige house

 red house

 yellow house2

 another red house

 green house

 yellow house

 ocra house

 white house

 photo 10.jpg

 photo 1.jpg

 taupe house

 photo 35.jpg

 green house

 photo 8.jpg

4 thoughts on “Still Thinking About House Colors!

  1. If you want red, I say go for it. In the examples the windows and trim look really good with white against the red. And many options to add details as you go along, together with using the white door needed.

    I like the ideas of bulking up the front windows with inside trim to match the others. Also the window boxes, but they aren’t my thing due to the amount of work to keep up with water, etc.

    Perhaps in the future when fixing the porch, you could expand it across and add a white fence/gate around it.

    There are so many choices for the red, create your dream. Maybe on your daily drives take pics of red houses, even businesses. Oh, and wanted to mention not to paint the brick. But I like character left alone, so this is a personal opinion.

    I remember when you posted for help and was glad to find your blog. It has been great following the changes and hard work you personally have put into all.


    • I have to somehow see my colors on the house before I can take “the leap”. I am going to ask one more time. I don’t think they will be mad at me LOL. I hope not anyway. I have to make up my mind soon or else I will have to wait until the fall. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh decisions, decisions….


  2. You really make it seem so easy but I find colors to be actually something that I think I will never understand. There are millions of shades of colors and that makes it too complex for me.


    • I feel you on there being too many colors. I have a basement full of paints because I can never get my colors right without a lot of experimentation. I guess it takes time.


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