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A Nice day out!!

Today was a beautiful day and all I could think of was getting a few things done. I had two of my grandsons with me since last night and today we went to get the third one that lives over an hour away. One of them made a movie last week with his Nabi…I thought this was cute so I have to share it…

I was going to buy some black mulch from the soil recycling place but they talked me out of it because he said it looks terrible when the black fades to silver. I took his advice. They won’t sell me any ole thing and that’s a great thing. When I went there I asked him to tell me how much mulch I purchased last year and he said I did not purchase any…its been two years. Oh yeahhhh I was so busy on the inside of the house that the outside got totally neglected!! And yeah, my yard looks a wreck!
I had Eric come over and do the trim around my back door and now it is finally done!! I was getting worried about bugs coming in the house. I was going to repair my windows as well but I got so busy with other stuff I never got around to it. We moved flowers, planted bulbs, dug up weeds, cleaned out the chicken coop, cut down all the vines that were climbing my barn and choking some of my trees and all sorts of other stuff. The yard was wet as heck but whatever, the maintenance MUST continue!!They had a good time and so did Bear!

I tested out my colors on the house. I first got Valspars Moss Rose (on the right) and at first it looked fine but then it started looking too bright so I went back to Lowes and got Valspars Sumac Berry. I like that one better. It looks bright in the photo but it is not bright at all… (left side)
For the door I got Valspars Brisk olive and for the trim I got Valspar’s Homestead Resort Sunwash. I love that color!!  I know you might not be able to see this BUT it is going to look nice.
We plan to paint the house next week. and put up the screen doors.   I decided to get the plain screen doors.

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Work is never done here!  Looking at the photos, they are very Easter colors LOL. Well to be reminded of the resurrection of Christ is not a bad thing….

I have to get something better for the windows.  They look boring right now!!

 photo IMG_20130406_171753_zpsc06aedd8.jpg

3 thoughts on “A Nice day out!!

  1. Well the one on the left is very close to my pergola purple. I do like it with the olive door.

    Enjoy your Grandsons.


    • A co worker and I have been in a dispute. I say the color is closer to pink and he says purple. LOL You are the thrid to say purple so I guess I am color blind. LOL. I am not sure of the color…I think it is still too light (the house color). I am going to pick up another sample color and see how it turns out. I might shy away from the mauve/rose/pink/purple all together…not sure.. getting frustrated!!!


  2. I really do not what to tell you. Some times I find the need to fight some thing so hard means it was not meant to be. Other times it is just the struggle to get it just right that makes it so right. How to know the difference is the question. I come up against this with my glass work some times. This is when I walk away and come back to it later. This is why it can take me so many months or even years to finish some thing.


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