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A Point of no Return

Well I just could not wait.  I get a hair up my butt and I have to act on it.  Impulsive…always been like that and probably too old to change that now.  Its engrained in my blood.  So just to remind you here is my house and how it looked this morning.


Here is my vision (minus the trim)
 photo sumacberry_zps69141e6c.jpg

Not many people shared my vision. I started doubting myself also but then I went into a neighborhood going through gentrification where the houses are about the same age as mine and I saw subdued shades of blue, green, lots and lots of salmon, purple and even lime green. The neighborhood looks edgy and hip…I liked it! I think it might be the trend right now.
I can not decide on the trim color and I am not really sure if that green door is the right shade of green. I went on Valspars website to try to get some color palate ideas but I could not find a way to get suggestions for palettes for colors I pick. It just wasn’t happening. I sent a message complaining that they don’t help color blind people like me and a guy named Michael from customer relations emailed me back. He said:
If you go to
Click ‘Explore colors’
Click ‘Color Selector’
Going through the palettes, find the color you like and click on it.
When the swatch of your paint comes up, to the right you will see the accenting colors for the one you picked. It says ‘select a suggested palette’
Here is the link for ‘Sumac Berry’:

Okay so I follow his first steps and when I find Sumac Berry I don’t see the accenting colors on the right nor do I see “select a suggested palate”. So I go to option two, which was to click the link. It did not work for me either. I hate when a company rep sends me a message with misinformation in it. He sent me his number to call him directly so he could step me through it,,,I know it’s not there but I am going to call. I was going to call when I got home today but the painters showed up and as soon as I got to the crib it was busy busy busy cluster clouds flying round this joint. When I realized the time it was 4 minutes prior to the latest time Michael said I could call him so I did not call. Anyway the painters got part of the house done and I put the first coat of paint on the door.
 photo IMAG0003_zpscd1ca346.jpg
I need ideas on the trim color. I am going to play around with that tool on Valspars website tonight but I just don’t trust me picking out the right trim colors. What do you think? Can you help?

4 thoughts on “A Point of no Return

  1. Your base color is lighter than the one down my street. But they used a steel blue for the trim. I love the little house every time it is seen. There is also brick along the bottom of it too, which was left alone.

    Enjoy your writing so much. Always fun to know what you are up to. Hopefully you will blog for a long time.


    • Thanks! Would it be possible for you to take a photo and email it to me. There are NO ideas on unconventional colors online. If they are there they are not labeled correctly so I can’t find them. Email is the same as my address (acitygirls… Thanks if you can


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