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Day 2 of the House Painting Job

I am not sure what in the heck I was thinking trying to paint this house because I know good and darn well I am afraid of heights…but I went out there with my big girl panties on and pulled out my loooong extension ladder and got busy.    But before I get into that I better tell you that I have a slight change of colors.  Noooo I did not abandon the Sumac Berry…it is here to stay.

Okay so what happened wazzzzz…

I posted my blog post from yesterday on Gardenweb.  This morning when I got up bright and early ready to work I saw that I had a response to my post from a lady who said that she liked my info and asked my opinion on a yellow house with plum trim. 

So me being who I am, always trying to be helpful, I started surfing the web looking for yellow houses with plum trim.  Well one thing led to another and the next thing I know I am surfing craftsman bungalows and falling in love with all the colors.  I found this one and it stuck in my head like glue!!  Yes GLUE…. This house tickled my fancy…

 photo yellowhouse_zps826a09f1.jpg

Now I don’t know what you see in that photo but what I see is a house with dark trim, a contrasting door and a fourth color on the pillars contrasted by the nice landscaping.  I LOVE IT.  The bad part is that I do not have a house that I can paint multiple colors…or do I?  I sat here for 2-3 hours surfing these bungalow photos studying every detail, getting inspired and drooling.  I decided  YOU KNOW WHAT?  Its my damn house I can do what I damn well please to it.  So I headed to Lowe’s for some paint…  On the way I thought to myself …”Self?  What in the heck colors are you going to get?”  and self chuckled and said “hee hee hee… wait and see”.

So I go to Lowe’s and when I walked over to the color cards the colors were singing “pick me, pick me” and I picked them right out without a second thought.  It was amazing.  I now have  4 or 5 colors???  WHAAAAAAT???  I know you  think I am losing my freaking mind…no I’m not….its just that my creative juices are flowing!!  Flow baby Flow.  LOL!!

Okay on a side note:  I took a color personality quiz on BHG and the results were:  You’re color is Radish Red!  Halfway between pink and red, this radish red palette can take any direction. Inspired by the springtime vegetable, the palette is intense but fun. Add weathered whites and leafy green hues to yield a new take on cottage style. Or treat the palette like a red and pair with black and white for a Parisian interpretation.  You can take the quiz here if you are interested

Okay so back to the story… I picked these colors:

  • House…Valspar Sumac Berry
  • Door…Valspar Garden of Paradise
  • Windows…whole window except the top piece  Valspar Whipped Almond
  • Trim (fascia and top of windows,  blocks on door, screen door and gutters)  Valspars Purple Earth
  • Inside of porch (roof) and under the eaves… Valspar’s Crystalline (to be used as haint blue)
  • can of exterior oops paint in black  for $3 so I got it too…ya never know I might be able to use it

 photo colors2_zpse878d4d4.jpg
(I sure do spend a lot of money on paint…)  I am not sure if you can see the true colors or not  but if you can you might be wondering where I got the new colors from?  They came from the Stone in the chimney and foundation

 photo stones_zps2f41eaae.jpg
I hope the neighbors don’t kick me off the block hee hee.

Here is where I stand today:

 photo IMAG0034_zps913ed434.jpg

 photo IMAG0036_zpsee956c8d.jpg

 photo IMAG0035_zps4380c004.jpg

 photo IMAG0029_zpsc23dc508.jpg
(both doors need another coat)

I did a little painting and went as high as I could go on the ladder.  I know now that I am going to have to pay someone to paint the eaves cause I ain’t going all the way up that ladder again.  I kept feeling like I was going to fall.  Tomorrow I plan on scraping windows and reglazing them if I can get the storm windows off.  I will also be sanding down the patches I made in the wall.

Oh and you probably want to know what haint blue paint is right?   Its a color I need in here to protect me from the original owner of this house that’s what!  Who and why?  Ms Georgia because she might wanna haunt me (AGAIN) for how I painted the house along with her niece Louise for how I painted her china cabinet!!  LOL Just kidding…they would not be haints, but they might be pissed LOL.

Haints are restless spirits of the dead who have not moved on from the physical world. They exist as non-physical in the space between our dimension and what is beyond.  This type of spirit is not the über friendly sort and you don’t want them hanging around.  Haint Blue is meant to look like water and keep the Haints out of your house making you safe from their influence.  Speculation has it that the tints, tones, and shades from the blue-green to blue-violet part of the visible spectrum fools the Haints.  Haints can not cross water. Using Haint Blue on doors, shutters, window trim, ceilings, the whole darn structure, can fool Haints and discourage them from “crossing” into your house.

It is believed that Haint Blue can fake-out insects and birds too. The story is Haint Blue looks like endless sky to the little critters and deters them from making themselves at home on your exterior. The key ingredient of lime in the milk paint formulas is what likely deterred the insects and birds, not the color itself. Modern paint formulas do not contain lime. So, I’m not convinced painting your porch ceiling blue is going to help shoo the bugs and birds — but who’s to say for sure. I do know Haint Blue is an attractive addition to most any exterior color scheme.

Do you make any color decisions based on superstition, horoscopes, Feng-Shae or anything else?



5 thoughts on “Day 2 of the House Painting Job

  1. Well it looks like a pretty good color combination to me. Have fun with it. I totally understand the fear of heights.Me too. For this year I am just going to paint the bad spots in the same color the house is. I have a gallon or so of the color left. I will deal with the whole house re do later. the house is that cement board but it still needs to be kept painted and already there is a little bit of peeling going on where they had to move the two doors. So I will scrape and primer paint and call it good. Hope your painting weekend is going good.


    • I hope so. One of two things is going to be the result. Either its gonna come out nice or be a total disaster. I hope the former LOL. Sometimes I have an idea but the vision is not clear until I get to the end so I am winging it and I promise you if I don’t like the end result next spring I am going back to your beloved green. LOL I can admit defeat when one of my hair brain ideas does not pan out. Of course I am dealing with rain here. duhhh the joys of spring LOL.

      I know you are not too fond of my colors but thanks for still being supportive!!


  2. You’re doing the right thing by following your heart with your colors! As long as you love what you see when you come home (and you don’t live in a community that dictates colors), then you’ve done it right. I do like your sumac berry with the mossy green door. It’s got character, just like your house!

    Someday when our kitchen project is done, we will paint the house. (It was going to happen this summer, but I’m thinking we won’t get that far.) I have some ideas already, but I’m really looking forward to auditioning paint colors. I always use Valspar, too–good product. And I’ve been wanting a haint-blue porch ceiling for years! This time I will do it!


  3. There are quite a few blogs I’ve read lately that have mentioned the Haint blue for the porch. I had never heard of it before this year. I wonder if it really works for bugs and birds. I have a wrap around porch that the birds and spiders will not stay away from. It’s so ugly when I sit on my porch swing and look UP. Spider webs everywhere! And… the stupid birds like to sit and poop on my porch railings almost daily.


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