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Fig Tree Cutting

I want a fig tree. I don’t know why I want a fig tree, because all its going to do is attract those God awful deer in my yard once they know there is something to eat. I have been here for 5 years and I have yet to taste one of the peaches or plums from my trees so I am probably just setting myself up to be disappointed but  I saw this photo and it looked so good I have to take a chance!!
 photo figs_zpsd487de35.jpg

Its Orange And Cardamom Spiced, Honeyed Fig, Olive Oil Tea Cake.

I went next door and took 4 cuttings off the tree. I soaked them in water over night. Not sure why I did that but I did.

On each piece I cut off four pieces of the bark around the bottom like this:
 photo IMAG0053_zps184af52f.jpg

Then I dipped it in rooting powder
 photo IMAG0055_zps54d308be.jpg

 photo 25a6bdd0-4b88-4b31-ad69-112549f1d329_zps616db74d.jpg

Then I wrapped them in newspaper individually
 photo IMAG0057_zps49ea69b6.jpg

Wrapped them all up in plastic and sat them in a cup
 photo IMAG0058_zps7500b602.jpg

Now its a waiting game. I will open the plastic every day to give it air and make sure it does not mold and at the same time check for roots. Once the roots start I will plant it.
Hopefully I will have better luck with this than the 30 seeds I planted.This is a picture of SADNESS
 photo IMAG0051_zpsc0b8104d.jpg

And what are those green plants growing in my well choking out my Sedum???

If you know please let me know….As for the figs… I will let you know.


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