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Windows Part One

I have a problem and it is about time I correct it.  I have no choice now.  It has to do with my windows. My 50 year old windows. I have these handmade screens covering two of my windows. No doubt Mr Walker made them when he converted the house from a log cabin because this is the only place they are on the house. No, I take that back. This is the only outside wall from the original log cabin so Mr. Gates must have made these windows. That makes them well over 50 years old! Waaaaaaaaay past their natural lifetime.

  photo IMAG0043_zps53838e7c.jpg

I also have a glass window, which I am presuming is supposed to be a storm window.

  photo IMAG0044_zps15e02de7.jpg

The windows need to be replaced but the budget does not allow it right now. I am not about to put vinyl windows up if I can’t replace all 11 remaining windows and the cost of replacement wood windows is through the roof. The best I can do is repair what I have and buy some storm windows and call it a day.

I went to Lowes to buy storm windows…they have to be custom ordered because of the sizes, and they are not cheap. PASS. I went to Habitat for Humanity and to my shock and surprise they did not have any. The surplus store I previously purchased windows from is no longer in business. I asked the new owners what happened to the all the windows they had in the yard and they had no idea. I knew I should have gotten those windows when I saw them. They were only $5 each but I had gotten all the windows for my sun room that day I figured I could always come back for the storms later. You know what they say…never put off till tomorrow what can be done today.

Well first thing is first. I have to repair what I have.

When I took the screens off this is what I am working with.
 photo IMAG0048_zps06015eed.jpg

 photo IMAG0049_zps958d2b27.jpg

And this is what a home made screen window looks like
 photo IMAG0050_zps587fc851.jpg

Quite ugly in its present condition right? I would say so!

Here is my plan:
1- scrape off all that old lead based paint
2- re-glaze the glass
3- paint the frames
4- Hope to God I can find affordable, plain old storm windows.

If you have any experience or input or advice, please, by all means, feel free to jump in!!

6 thoughts on “Windows Part One

  1. Yep we did it on some 80+ year old windows and used them to surround out hot tub area.they turned out great looked like new windows. Well almost. Just sand then if you need to use wood filler. And be sure to sand it before it gets too hard or forgetit. Then prime well glaze the windows and paint. Same for the screens. I think it will look wonderful when you are done if you use patience.


    • How did you take out the glazing points? I did some windows in the kitchen as a door for my shelf and they came out pretty nice but I did not take out the glass because I didn’t want to break it and I couldn’t figure out how to get them out cleanly. I searched the net but could not find instructions on that part.

      Would you recommend oil paint over latex or do you think it doesn’t matter?

      I assume because of age they had weights in them right? Did that part make you nervous?


  2. I used latex over primer and I also did some filling of the wood and I wish I could remember the filler I used. Was some thing like Fixall but that stuff is insane to use. So hard for me to deal with. I did not take the points out. I left them in place and dug all the gunk away from them. I have removed points to repair windows, broken glass, and just used needle nosed pliers to pull them out and also replace them and be so careful putting them back because it is so easy to break the glass with them.

    We did not use the windows as double hung. Joe just built frames around them. they were fixed in place. If the windows still open then the weights are still in place. We have repaired the weights with new ropes and you need to take the casings apart and pull the windows out.

    This explains it much better than I can.

    Be sure you sand every edge that needs to slide and do not goop up the paint and let it DRY DRY DRY before putting them back together. Let them over dry because to skimp on drying time is courting disaster and stuck for life windows.

    What is this commentluv below comment box? I have been removing check because I do not know what it is.


    • wood filler is so expensive …$8 for a small can!! But I understand it gives new strength to wood. If I can get the points out of the window I will probably use new ones when I put them back because the ones in there now are terribly old. although now that I think about it I have never seen them for sale in the store. I hardly ever see them anywhere. I never open my windows but occasionally in the Fall I do like to let the Jesus air flow through the house so your advice is well noted because I don’t want them to stick so I will let the paint cure COMPLETELY before putting them back.

      That link was good. I book-marked it. I took my kitchen windows apart but I forgot how I did it so this is going to come in handy. Thanks!!.

      Comment luv is for people who have blogs. It will put your last posted story at the bottom of your post. It should not make a difference if you leave it checked.


  3. I would have planned it the same way as you did because windows can be pretty expensive. What makes it worse is if you want uniformity in all of your windows because then you need to replace them all. Whoa! Sometimes, the only option is to repair.


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