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Brood II Secadas (2013)

Well they really hyped up the emergence of billions of  Secadas swarming the East Coast this Spring…but I have not seen a single one.  I had some a few years ago and  the noise from them is deafening but this year I haven’t heard a peep yet and this is supposed to be the big … Continue reading

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An Update on my Moroccan Inspired kitchen…

This was going to be a Moroccan kitchen but it is the beginning of my eclectic  Moroccan, Indian and country kitchen…in various stages of progress… I still have to put the Moroccan lanterns up and the flip up table…and some curtains in the bay window…and something to cover the doorway between the living room and … Continue reading

Bedroom / DIY Crafting


YES YES YES…I am starting another project even though I have so many unfinished ones…please don’t judge me.. I have a good excuse for every unfinished project in this joint. This project was unplanned. See what happened wazzzz….I was surfing Pinterest this morning and I saw this project where they were transforming plain ole plastic … Continue reading