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YES YES YES…I am starting another project even though I have so many unfinished ones…please don’t judge me.. I have a good excuse for every unfinished project in this joint. This project was unplanned.

See what happened wazzzz….I was surfing Pinterest this morning and I saw this project where they were transforming plain ole plastic drawers into something a bit more snazzy (see link below under paper instructions).  She made her drawers look quite nice and I thought to myself that I can do this…with a twist of course.  I would have done it her way but I did not have any scrapbook paper on hand and I was not going shopping for any today.

Okay so here we go to my little project that I promise you will be complete TODAY.  The goal is to make my bed stand look a little more sophisticated than a Dollar General set of drawers LOL.  See…I have one of these super cheap plastic drawers next to each side of my bed.  I don’t really like them but I can’t use the nightstands that go with my dressers  because they no longer fit in the same space where my new bed is.  This bed is much wider and I am not interested in rearranging my bedroom just so I can fit some nightstands in there.  So it is what it is.  This is what I am working with.  Not very attractive right?

 photo IMAG0018_zpsaa593218.jpg  photo e7a63395-8a24-4f8d-b2e1-1cf2dc5bb774_zpsca03fdb0.jpg

I like to buy the bed-in-a-bag sets they sell in Macy’s.  The sets usually come with the comforter, bedskirt, pillow shams and matching pillows.   One thing I can not do with my platform bed is put a bed skirt on it. When I had a conventional bed I had one bedskirt on there for …well never mind for how long…I am embarrassed to say LOL.  Let’s just say that I hardly ever changed  it because 1- they are too hard to get on the bed  and 2- Most of them were the same color so why bother?  As a result I have quite a few in my drawers that I plan to up-cycle because of the fabric. Why?  Have you seen the price of fabric these days?  Its not cheap.  SO now I finally have a project to use it on!!  Let’s get started shall we?  (I think I stole that line from Curt… cause I like how it sounds LOL)

Supplies needed:

  • Sterilite drawer tower
  • 1 bedskirt
  • can spray adhesive
  • scissors
  • trim (optional)
  • piece of thin wood or cardboard cut to the size of the top (also optional)

I cut the fabric off the liner by cutting very close to the seam.  This ensures I have a fairly straight line.

 photo 61fde51e-1469-4e6f-8f4d-09f7220ff2d5_zpsc9bbe020.jpg

I end up with 3 pieces of fabric with a hemmed edge on one side and a raw edge on the other. Pretty cool huh?  I am saving the large center piece fabric for another day.  They make awesome pillow forms.

If using fabric:

  • Iron all the wrinkles out of the fabric including the seams till they are flat
  • You should have two long pieces (side of the bed) and one shorter piece (the end of the bed)
  • Cut one of the long side  pieces in half and then the short end piece should be cut the same length as the side pieces.  Now you should have three pieces of fabric the same length.
  • Empty the contents of the drawers out
  • spray the first side of the drawer (not the fabric) with spray adhesive…I preferred starting from one of the sides and working my way to the front and then towards the back last
  • only do one side at a time and after spraying wait about a minute before applying and smoothing the fabric down.  I had a few air bubbles that I could NOT get out and you know what?  I am not even going to worry about it.  You can’t see it unless you examine it closely.
  • Use the hemmed edge to meet the lip on the top of the drawer.
  • After you finish the sides cut down the remaining fabric on the bottom then spray the adhesive and press down
  • use an exacto knife or a pair of scissors to slit the front where the handle is.
  • glue a piece of trim over the top section ending at the backside of the front

 photo IMAG0022_zpse81272fb.jpg

To make the top I turned the unit upside down on a piece of laun (I had some left over from my kitchen cabinets side trim).  If you don’t have laun a thick piece of cardboard should do.  Trace the outline of the top and then cut it out. I want to be able to wash the top if I want to so instead of glueing the fabric to the top  I pinned it with straight pins.  I thought it looked too plain so I went through my craft stash and put a design on the front of the top two drawers.

 photo IMAG0024_zps4211605f.jpg

Then I thought the sides were too plain so I went ahead and glued the last of the fabric to the sides.  I pinned the top layer to the bottom of the top (so now the top is all washable) and I glued the second layer to the first divider.
 photo 82c895ef-a414-4232-8f2a-543c306c0aa3_zpse72f3fa9.jpg    photo IMAG0027_zpse9a4b11c.jpg

Its not perfect but it looks a whole heck of a lot better and I like it. AND IT IS A FINISHED PROJECT.

 photo 2Untitled_zps752910c3.jpg

If you would like to try this using paper:
 photo IMAG0044_zps15e02de7.jpg

  • Go to Jen’s Simply Living blogspot to see how she did it with paper and Modge Podge.  Her project was my inspiration for this while surfing Pinterest this morning so I have to give credit where credit is due.









2 thoughts on “Bedstand

  1. WOW this is really pretty.Your colors are perfect for the bling look you have going on. Can’t wait to see some updated pictures of your rooms.

    I fell like the queen of plastic drawers all hidden behind some thing because like you I do not think they are very attractive as they come. I have a real love hate relationship with them. Except in my studio and I am fine with the look. I could use this project on the drawers I have in my closet for shoes and purses. Would really make a nice look. And fabrics. OMG I collected fabrics forever. Sigh.I bet I can find some thing to use. Wall paper would also be nice.

    Thanks for sharing this idea.



    • Actually until I wrote this post I did not realize myself how many of these plastic drawers I have. I have them in my basement, bathroom, bedroom, storage room and office LOL. Now they all look horrendous to me. I did a search on the Internet last night on covering plastic drawers and found there are many different creative techniques out there so you can put your fabric and wallpapers to good use! I am going to do something different with all of them. I probably won’t do this one again cause the glue smells gave me a headache.

      As of this writing I do not have any room finished. My sitting room off my bedroom and my bedroom are the ones closest to completion but they are not there yet. I will post pictures when I can get picture perfect shots AND all projects in the room are finished. If that day ever comes LOL..


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