School is getting in the way of my life.  People comment on how hard it must be for me to go to school and work full time.  Well it’s like this.  I have a choice between life and school.  I have found that to make it easier on myself I can’t get involved with too many things right now.  It is bugging the hell out of me to have to pay people to do things that I am VERY capable of doing myself but just don’t have the time to do  2- to not have a social life and 3- to operate on so little sleep.  It is a sacrifice that I am HOPING will pay off in the end.  All this sacrifice has to have a happy ending don’t you think??

Welp…I just wanted to let you guys know I am still alive and well and I WILL finish all projects eventually.  1  more class in school after this semester!  YES!!

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