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Not sure if I should be feeling hurt or ticked off right now…

See What Happened wassss: I decided to fix my sink tonight because I am tired of having to use the tub for hot water.  I am not sure why the hot water faucet in the bathroom sink is stuck in the off position, but it is.  I purchased a new faucet months ago and asked so many people to help me replace it but no one would. Tonight it was one of those “THAT’S IT…I HAD IT WITH THIS FAUCET” moments.  So I start working and I got the old faucet off without a hitch, and put the new one on.  My drain thingy …not sure what they call it, is clogged with hair and it never really worked properly so I started tackling that.

First obstacle:  No wrench wide enough to get the freaking screw thingy off.  I watch a Youtube video and see the adjustable plumbers wrench and remember I have one in my basement in the Plumbing supplies only toolbox.


The discovery:  I venture down to the basement only to find water everywhere.  Now I see water in the area of the basement where there is no access to the outside, there are no waterlines over there and I realize its under the exchange for the AC unit.  What the heck is going on?  la la la la la I don’t want to think about it.  I go in my tool boxes and all of them have atleast 3″ of water sitting in the bottom. All the screws I been saving for years (not sure what I am saving them for but I was) are totally rotted, the tools wet and  everything is a mess.  I wanted to cry!!

IMAG0380 IMAG0382 IMAG0379 IMAG0378


More disappointment:  And to top it off I could not find the plumbers wrench.  I remember when I had the bathroom renovated the guy borrowed it and I suppose he never gave it back because I am very particular about keeping my tools in the proper tool boxes.  Just for the heck of it I went through all my tool boxes and sure enough…it is no where to be found.  Arrrgh.

The walls of the basement look like they are about to cave in.  I don’t know what in the heck to do about this as I am tapped out from my renovation plus I just purchased my plane tickets for my vacation this morning  OF COURSE!  I wonder if the basement caves in due to water damage does the insurance cover that?  I can scramble up a thousand for the deductible.  It looks like it is more than a thousand dollars worth of work that needs to be done.

IMAG0377 IMAG0376

Mystery:  How in the world did the water get in the toolboxes though?  Is water spraying all over the basement somehow?

Well I have the faucet replaced in the bathroom, not the drain just the faucet.  It will have to suffice for now.  In the meantime I am not sure what I am going to do about the water in the basement.  I know a lot of stuff has to be thrown out now, including all the trim that got destroyed,  tools need to be dried up and that leak needs to be found and fixed.



My work is never going to be done in here but at least I will have hot water in the sink again!!






4 thoughts on “Hurt

  1. OH NO My heart breaks for you. What a mess. Darn. Is all this water from rains you have been having and your ground is saturated or??

    There are not many basements around here. Some have root cellars. And people that do use pallets or shelving to keep everything up off the floor. Yah I know I am sure you were getting there.

    Thinking on the water in the tool boxes. How long has it been since you have been down stairs? Could the basement have been that deep in water and it evaporated? Seems unlikely.

    Those big white nuts on the pipe are supposed to be hand turned not wrench. I believe you take the trap off then you can reach any plug that might be in the drain. Well this is the way I would try it. Actually I would just put a hook end into thin piece of wire and fish it down through the top first and see what I could hook out of there.

    Back on your chicken coop post. That is a neat pipe feeder. Had a kitty in my lap that night and could not type. LOL

    Let us know how this goes.


    I am so sorry.


  2. Oh my goodness, what a mess. I know it’s been a few months, but I’m sure it’s still fresh in your memory.
    Seeing your basement walls made me think of the show Rehab Addict, Nicole bought a house for a $1 and had the entire house lifted so the basement walls could be replaced. If you haven’t watched her, probably a good thing as the show is addicting and you’ll never get any more work done.


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